Lumbar Spine Set

Lumbar Spine Set

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Content: - Aero-Step Pro silver - Dynair Ballkissen Cardo red - Bodybone silver - Training... more
Product information "Lumbar Spine Set"


- Aero-Step Pro silver
- Dynair Ballkissen Cardo red
- Bodybone silver
- Training Chart lumbar spine set

The lumbar spine (lumbar spine) is the lower section of the spine. In humans it consists of five vertebrae, the lumbar vertebrae. The lumbar vertebrae are highly stressed by the upright gait and form the basis of the trunk. This is where painful irritations often occur. Colloquially known as "low back pain", we know the wide range of pain from simple muscular pain syndrome to damaged discs with neurological deficits.

Strengthening exercises strengthen the back muscles and movement relieves the intervertebral discs and promotes blood circulation. The use of the lumbar spine equipment set intensifies the sensorimotor training stimuli even more. On the air-filled and therefore unstable surfaces you not only train your ability to balance, but also your nervous system and the deeper lying muscles around the spine, which provide stability.

Uwe Veronik, Uwe Veronik Physiotherapy Centre, Munich:

"The TOGU Jumper is an ideal training device for our orthopaedic-traumatological oriented centre for physiotherapy. The versatility in the areas of strength, stabilization and endurance is looking for something comparable. The possibilities in combination with the trampoline effect are great in rehabilitation and prevention."

The 15-minute program, which you can download here free of charge online and easily integrate into your everyday life, contains such exercises. It can also be done by untrained people. Other articles you will find in this category are also suitable for this area.

No matter whether you use the program for prevention or only become active after the occurrence of a health problem: If you have any complaints, please always ask your doctor or physiotherapist for advice. Healthy exercise offers you a solution that you can carry out independently in your everyday life as a supplement to therapeutic treatment.

Training set consisting of: Aero-Step Pro, Dynair ball cushion Cardo and Bodybone

- made in Germany -


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