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Balance Pad Premium usawa Balance Pad Premium usawa
The TOGU Balance Pad Premium is perfect for starting coordination and balance training and sensorimotor training. Dysbalance is eliminated. Due to the unstable base, constant balancing and stabilizing takes place during training. This...
€54.90 *
Balanza® Ballstep® Balanza® Ballstep®
The Balanza Ballstep - Made in Germany - is a balance board for more stability and dynamics. With four balls under the wooden board, it gives both humans and animals the opportunity to enter and increase sensorimotor training. The...
€198.90 *
Balanza® Wippe Balanza® Wippe
The new Balanza - made in Germany. A smaller ball diameter even more safety for patients and handicapped persons is guarantueed. Can be used also in training after therapy phase for strengthening and enhancing coordination and balance....
€172.90 *
Balanza® Circle Balanza® Circle
The new Balanza ® Circle - made in Germany -with a smaller ball diameter below the specific plate made of stable wooden material more safety is guaranteed. This enables the user in every fitness level and age to train through the...
€109.90 *
Balanza® Ballstep® Group Balanza® Ballstep® Group
The Balanza Ballstep Group for more stability and dynamics. With 4 balls below the wooden board it enables active people in every fitness level and age to step into sensorimotor function training and increase their capabilities....
€228.90 *
Balanza® Ballstep® XXL Balanza® Ballstep® XXL
Our new Ballstep - made in Germany - in oversize. The new Balanza for more stability and dynamics. With 5 balls below thewooden board it enables active people in every fitness level and age to step into sensori-motor function training...
€569.90 *
Balanza® Ballstep® mini Balanza® Ballstep® mini
The new Balanza Ballstep mini – made in Germany – even more compact and dynamic than its big brother Balanza Ballstep. With 4 balls below the wooden board it allows active people at every fitness level and age, to step into sensori-motor...
€145.90 *
Blackroll Mini Flow Blackroll Mini Flow
The BLACKROLL® MINI FLOW is the further development of a tried and true recovery tool for self-massage, the BLACKROLL® MINI. It was developed to release adhesions and tension while simultaneously stimulating blood circulation. The...
€13.90 *
TOGU® Balance Board TOGU® Balance Board
The Balance Board - made in Germany - is vailable in 3 different levels due to different shaped radii. Very effective and longlasting due to special plastics material. Lower weight than wooden material. Technical data: Material: high...
€65.90 *
Bike Balance Board Pro Bike Balance Board Pro
Enjoy high dynamic balancing - Fun and Function perfectly combined On the Bike Balance Board Pro - made in Germany - you move like on your bike - but constantly at your personal limit. Why does the training work? You have to control the...
€499.00 *
Balanza® Freeride Balanza® Freeride
The Balanza Freeride - made in Germany - for everybody who wants to train power, coordination and balance in a versatile and effective way. Perception, sensori-motor function and stability will be activated and increased. Unique in...
€170.90 *
TOGU® Balanza® TOGU® Balanza®
Stabilisation and coordination training for sports enthusiasts and competitive athletes in a new challenging dimension. With the TOGU® Balanza® - made in Germany - a whole body training can be carried out on several levels. Under the...
€159.90 *
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