How should I store and keep my TOGU® product?
As TOGU® products are made of thermoplastic material, the material changes depending on the ambient temperature: the colder the harder, the warmer the softer your TOGU product. Please do not expose to direct heat, e.g. on a radiator and please keep away from sharp objects.

How can the products be maintained and cleaned?
Most TOGU® manufactured products are made of high quality Ruton®, unless otherwise stated.
They are washable and can be cleaned with standard cleaning agents as well as disinfectants. Please do not use any cleaning agents containing solvents or corrosive cleaning agents. These can attack the material.

How can I inflate or re-inflate my TOGU® product?
Please always follow the instructions enclosed with the respective product, as there are different valves and pumps.
In general the following applies:
Only inflate at room temperature. Observe the specified maximum dimensions. Otherwise, overstretching of the material may occur.
Products with rubber valve:
Inflation recommended with the TOGU® Ball Pump (Art.No. 904400). First moisten the needle of the pump. Then insert carefully and straight. CAUTION: For flat products, do not damage the opposite side with the needle.
Products with stopper:
Inflate with the TOGU® Powerball pump (Art.No. 966600), bellows or compressor. Be sure to follow the instructions for the max. diameter.
How long should I do the exercises?
Many TOGU products come with exercise instructions.Start with a lower number of repetitions and lower intensity and gradually increase the volume and intensity. Ask a trainer, therapist or doctor for advice at the beginning of the workout.

Are there any costs or other obligations when personally registering for the 30-year warranty?
No, there are no costs. As a manufacturer, we provide a warranty of 30 years from the date of purchase for marked products - in addition to the buyer's legal rights against the seller in the event of defects. This illustrates the quality and longevity of our products. The warranty declaration applies only to private end customers. There are no costs for you when registering the 30-year warranty. This is an additional service from us to you. Here you can register your product personally within three months from the date of purchase.

What does the blue AGR seal of approval mean?
The "AGR tested and recommended" seal of approval means that the device in question is a particularly back-friendly product. This rating is awarded by an independent jury from science and medicine. More info at www.agr-ev.de

How do I find the right size for my Powerball ABS® or MyBall?
45 cm ball diameter (size S) for body height up to 155 cm
55 cm ball diameter (size M) for body height from 156 - 165 cm
65 cm ball diameter (size L) for body height from 166 - 178 cm
75 cm ball diameter (size XL) for body height of 178cm and more

How can I easily determine the diameter of my ball?
With the help of a measuring tape and e.g. a piece of cardboard:
Inflate the ball according to the instructions. Mark e.g. the height 65cm on a wall with the help of the measuring tape. With the piece of cardboard you can now check the height (= diameter) of the ball.
When is my ball correctly inflated?
When the ball has reached the specified diameter range (maximum diameter must be observed).

I would like to buy a sitting ball. In addition, I can imagine using it as an exercise ball for my back exercises. Which model do you recommend?
There are different models of the large TOGU® gymnastic balls depending on the intended use.

The all-rounder: TOGU® Powerball® ABS®.
Suitable as a training tool and also as a sitting ball.
Balls marked with ABS® are made of a special anti-burst material. Here we, as the manufacturer, guarantee space safety up to a certain dynamic load, in case of damage.
This means that in the event of damage to the ball, the air escapes slowly and the ball does not burst abruptly. The user thus has a guaranteed safety system.
Powerball ABS®: loadable up to 500kg, ABS® guarantee up to 90kg
Powerball Premium ABS®: loadable up to 1000kg, ABS® guarantee up to 170kg.

The specialist: TOGU® Seatball ABS®.
The seat ball ABS® is made of anti-burst material. It is not quite as dynamic as the Powerball® ABS®. Therefore, it is even more ideal as a substitute for an office chair.

The dynamic one: TOGU® MyBall
The MyBall is a very dynamic ball, it is also available in a soft version with foamed material. The ball is loadable up to approx. 500 kg and does not contain an ABS safety system.

Pendel® Ball ABS®
Due to its oval shape, the Pendel Ball is both stable and dynamic. It can be loaded up to 1000kg and offers the ABS® safety guarantee up to 250kg. In addition, it does not roll away when standing up.

What is actually meant by "burst proof safety "?
The "skin" of an exercise ball is - depending on the quality - between 0.5 mm to 3 mm "thick". If this skin of the ball is damaged by sharp edges, cat claws, small grains on the wall and floor, etc., and gets scratched, the already thin ball wall becomes even thinner at this point. If pressure is then applied by sitting on the ball, conventional balls can burst abruptly, i.e. within a fraction of a second, without any possibility of reaction.
The decisive factor for safety is therefore not how much stress the ball can withstand with the ball skin intact. What is decisive is how the ball behaves in the case of a pre-damaged ball skin or a ball skin damaged during use.

I want to sit on the Dynair® Ballkissen®, which size is right for me?
For sitting, the round Dynair® Ballkissen® (sporty, dynamic, good mobility in all directions) with a diameter of 30, 33, 36 and 39 cm are suitable, as well as the Dynair® Wedge Ballkissen® (stable, upright and longer sitting) and the Dynair® Ballkissen® Cardo® (for beginners). The 30 cm version is recommended for children up to approx. 8 years, the 33, 36 and 39 cm versions for adults. The Dynair® Ballkissen® should not be larger than the existing chair.
Body weight does not play a role in the choice of size. Dynair® Ballkissen® are loadable up to 200 kg.

I want to stand and exercise on the Dynair® Ballkissen®, which size is right for me?
All Dynair® Ballkissen® are suitable for exercises, including those in sizes 50 and 80 cm in diameter.
Basically, the larger the Dynair® Ballkissen®, the more wobbly and therefore more intensive the training effect.

Do I have to inflate my Dynair® Ballkissen® and Airgo® cushion before use?
No, all Dynair® and Airgo® products are delivered optimally inflated with air and are immediately ready for use.

When and how should I re-inflate my Dynair® Ballkissen® and Airgo® cushion?
You should always make sure that the surface is "flat". Similar to the effect of a bicycle or car tire, an air-filled TOGU® product also loses air over time. If necessary, you can subsequently regulate the amount of air with a needle valve pump (TOGU Ball Pump).
Always wet the needle of the pump before inserting the needle straight and carefully into the valve. If possible, pull the valve up a little between your thumb and forefinger so that you do not damage the material on the underside with the needle.

How do I remove air from the Dynair® Ballkissen® or Airgo® cushion if too much has been pumped into it?
You can easily deflate the device by only inserting the moistened needle attachment (unscrew from the TOGU ball pump) carefully and straight into the valve and then pushing the air out of the ball cushion.

Can I do something wrong when sitting on the Dynair® Ballkissen®, e.g. sit on it for too long?
Basically no. We recommend increasing the application times slowly. Start with low application time of your air-filled seat cushion, your body has to get used to the movement first.
You will feel when sitting becomes too strenuous and can then put the Dynair® Ballkissen® away for some time or occasionally stand up in between.
For longer uninterrupted sitting, we recommend our seating specialists Dynair® Premium Wedge Ballkissen® and Airgo® Seat and Back Cushion.

What is the purpose of the dimples of the Dynair® Ballkissen® and which side should I use if I only want to use it as a seat cushion?
The nubbed side fulfills a massage function and is intended to promote the perception of stimuli (e.g. barefoot exercises on the nubbed side) and sensorimotor function.
You can choose the side you find comfortable while sitting.

What is the difference between the happyback® ball pillow® and the Dynair® Ballkissen®?
The difference lies in the processing of the material Ruton® and the resulting purpose of the balance cushion.
The material of the happyback® Ballkissen® is additionally foamed. This makes it softer than the Dynair® Ballkissen®.
The happyback® ball cushion® is purely a seat cushion. The Dynair® Ballkissen® is a training device. Due to the firmer material, it is also suitable for standing and lying exercises in addition to sitting.

TOGU® Brasil®
Are the Brasil® suitable for use in water?
Yes, the Brasil® are waterproof up to 2,50m and should be stored dry again after the aqua training and not remain permanently in the water (if the Brasil® remain in the water, the chlorine may attack the material).

Redondo® Ball
How do you inflate the Redondo® Ball?
Either with the supplied or a similar straw, or, since the Redondo Ball is equipped with a simple plug valve, with a conventional double stroke pump (such as TOGU Powerball hand pump).