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Brasil® berry in a set of 2 Brasil® berry in a set of 2
NEW: TOGU® Brasil® berry in set of 2 The popular deep muscle trainers TOGU Brasil are available in the new color "berry" as a special edition. Train now with your new smart fitness and running companion. Strengthen body and mind with...
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Brasil® in a set of 2 Brasil® in a set of 2
The TOGU Brasil - made in Germany - the small, handy deep muscle trainer. What does the application do? The TOGU Brasil give a targeted movement feedback (shaking effect) through its intelligent filling of air and weight. The deep muscle...
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Brasil® "Bewegungsprofi" Set Brasil® "Bewegungsprofi" Set
The educators of KNS –the gym, sports and dance academy – developed the new motion programme „Bewegungsprofi” - made in Germany - especially for schools. The fun mobility break takes 10 to 15 minutes and trains the students not only...
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Jacaranda® Jacaranda®
Smart and Clever. Jacaranda® - modern back training by TOGU. Experience the gentle challenge of the air and weighted filling move inside the Jacaranda. This movement creates vibrations which transfer to your body, allowing you to train...
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Brasil Aqua set of 2 Brasil Aqua set of 2
- made in Germany - The intelligent filling of air and weight offers you a specific movement feedback (shake effect). This enables you to do deep muscle training for your health and figure. Firming effects and preventative back training...
€31.90 *