Ankle Joint Set
Ankle Joint Set

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Ankle Joint Set
Ankle Joint Set
Ankle Joint Set
Ankle Joint Set

Ankle Joint Set

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Content: - Balance Block - Dynair Pro - Bodyroll set of 2 - Training Chart Ankle Joint... more
Product information "Ankle Joint Set"

- Balance Block
- Dynair Pro
- Bodyroll set of 2
- Training Chart Ankle Joint

Recommended exercise programs and training equipment for the ankle

The ankle joint is one of the most heavily loaded joints of the body because it has to carry the entire body load with every step and transfer it to the ground. Injuries, incorrect or excessive loads and the resulting problems in everyday life or when practising a sport are the almost logical consequence.

A stable and at the same time mobile ankle joint can be trained specifically through balance and coordination exercises as well as mobilisation.

Balance training is at the same time training of strength and sensorimotor functions. In simple terms, sensorimotor function is the interaction between the sensory (e.g. nerve tracts) and motor (e.g. muscles, tendons, ligaments) performance of the body. You train on the air-filled and therefore unstable TOGU pads not only your ability to balance, but also your nervous system and the deeper lying musculature, which provides mobility and stability of your joints.

The 15-minute ankle joint program developed by the team doctor of the German national snowboarding team Dr. Sommer, which you can download here free of charge online and easily integrate into your everyday life, contains such exercises. It can also be carried out by untrained persons. By using the TOGU Ankle Equipment Set, which is specially designed for this purpose, the training stimuli are intensified even more.

Dr. med. Gerrit Sommer:

"The ingenious thing about the healthy training concept is the optimal combination of perfect training equipment and easy implementation for the patient. This is complemented by a unique combination of exercises tailored to the specific disease, injury or desire for weight reduction. This makes training possible for young and old alike".

No matter whether you use the GT program for prevention or only become active after a health problem has occurred: If you have any complaints, always consult your doctor or physiotherapist for advice. Healthy training offers you a solution that you can use in your everyday life as a supplement to therapeutic treatment.

- made in Germany -

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