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Pilates Foamroller Premium Pilates Foamroller Premium
The Pilates Foamroller Premium from our category "Piloga". A wide range of exercises possible. This firm roll consists of durable EVA foam material. A length of 90 cm. Resists slipping away during the training. For using at the gym or at...
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Pilates Half-Roll Premium 90cm Pilates Half-Roll Premium 90cm
Pilates Half-Roll Premium 90cm The Pilates half roll Premium by TOGU is ideal for proprioceptive training, fitness exercises and home workouts. The fascia roll as a half-roll enables the use of the training device for all ages. It is...
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Multiroll functional Multiroll functional
An air-filled, unstable roll - made in Germany - versatile applicable . The air filling can be individually regulated by a needle valve. The material Ruton is odourless, latex-free, very resilient (up to 200kg) and made of 100%...
€73.90 *
TOGU® Blackroll® soft TOGU® Blackroll® soft
TOGU® Blackroll® soft The TOGU Blackroll soft - made in Germany - is the perfect recovery tool for self massage and releasing the Myofascia (connective tissue sheath of muscles and muscle groups). New: It is about 20% softer than the...
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OS Roller Premium OS Roller Premium
For use in functional training and personal training. Large variety of exercises possible (support, position, seat positions). Stable foam roll made of EVA material available in 45 and 90 cm length. No slipping during the training....
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Multiroll® mein Yoga Multiroll® mein Yoga
With the air-filled yoga roller Multiroll® mein Yoga - made in Germany - you can integratevarious gymnastic exercises in your daily training. Find your center and activate body and mind. The movement concept "mein Yoga" contains elements...
€73.90 *
Blackroll mini Blackroll mini
TOGU Blackroll® mini Perfect Mini tool for Self Massage -Madein Germany The Mini Blackroll is a regeneration tool for self massage – Physical tension can be relieved. Knots and adhesions can be detached. Also scar tissue can be reduced....
€10.90 *
Multiroll® functional with DVD Multiroll® functional with DVD
Multiroll® functional with DVD - made in Germany - To set an intensively training stimulus. Air filled, adaptable by valve. Instable roll for functional training.Variable exercises possible. Applicable in gym, at home or on the road....
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Fascial roll Pendel® Roll Wave Fascial roll Pendel® Roll Wave
The fascial roll Pendel Roll Wave - made in Germany - is filled with air and individually adjustable in the hardness to your needs.Take advantage of the Pendel Roll Wave in the active regeneration in self massage and relaxation...
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Blackroll Set Blackroll Set
The set with all perfect tools for Self Massage- Madein Germany The Blackroll set consists of two TOGU Blackroll, both Blackroll balls (8and 12 cm diameter) and a Blackroll Mini. With the Blackroll Mini you can connect the two Blackroll...
€99.90 *
Aero-Roll® Half-roll Aero-Roll® Half-roll
The air-filled storage aid - made in Germany - Experience gentle support. Optimal adaptation due to the soft air filling. Provides for peace and well-being. Also ideal for applications in wet areas (no swimming aid). Internal air...
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Bodyroll in a set of 2 Bodyroll in a set of 2
The Bodyroll - made in Germany - is an air-filled massage roll made of ruton with nubs and a needle valve. It will be delivered as a set of 2. The material Ruton is odourless, 100% recycable and very resilient (up to 150kg), What does...
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