Vascular Calcification Set

Vascular Calcification Set

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Content: - Senso vein trainer red - Pimpled ball long (11 x 7 cm) blue - Senso Massage Pad red... more
Product information "Vascular Calcification Set"

- Senso vein trainer red
- Pimpled ball long (11 x 7 cm) blue
- Senso Massage Pad red
- Training Chart Vascular Calcification

Recommended exercise programs and training devices for vascular calcification

Arteriosclerosis is a disease of the arterial system. It develops slowly and often without symptoms over decades, until it can have an extremely drastic effect on the person affected, for example through a heart attack or stroke. Literally translated arteriosclerosis means "connective tissue hardening of the arteries".

The 15-minute exercise programme for this indication includes suitable exercises which can be carried out in consultation with your doctor. It can be downloaded here free of charge and is easy to integrate into your everyday life. The program is also suitable for untrained persons. The special arteriosclerosis set provides additional motivation for training and exercise. The air-filled training devices are also ideal for use in a group.

Dr. med. Gerrit Sommer:

"The ingenious thing about the healthy training concept is the optimal combination of perfect training devices and easy implementation for the patient. This is complemented by a unique combination of exercises tailored to the specific illness, injury or desire to lose weight. This makes training possible for young and old alike".

No matter whether you use the program for prevention or only become active after a health problem has occurred: If you have any complaints, always consult your doctor or physiotherapist for advice. Healthy training offers you a solution that you can carry out independently in everyday life as a supplement to therapeutic treatment.

- made in Germany -