Relaxation Set

Relaxation Set

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Content: - Bodyroll set of 2 - happyback Relax-Nex blue - Redondo Ball 22 cm anthrazit -... more
Product information "Relaxation Set"

- Bodyroll set of 2
- happyback Relax-Nex blue
- Redondo Ball 22 cm anthrazit
- Training Chart Relaxation

What does exercise have to do with stress and relaxation?

Stress is a natural and vital reaction of our body. In exciting situations the organism releases stress hormones such as adrenaline. These substances release energy reserves and usually allow us to cope better with the particular situation. The stress factors of today, at least in western industrial societies, are e.g. increased demands in the working world, hectic traffic, social and personal expectations to combine family and job and many more. Exercise normally ensures in a natural way that the released stress hormones are quickly reduced again. However, if there is a lack of sufficient movement, e.g. due to a predominantly sedentary occupation or excessive television consumption, possible consequences can put a strain on the body and psyche and make them ill: High blood pressure, digestive disorders, headaches, sleep disorders and even depression are just a few examples.

Regular stress reduction is the key to more serenity, well-being and a balanced life. The interplay of tension (stress) and relaxation (stress reduction) represents a cycle. Find your own method to make this cycle balanced and permanently trouble-free: Exercise in the form of long walks, a sport, a meditation programme or yoga.

Our special 15-minute relaxation program, which you can download here free of charge online and easily integrate into your everyday life, offers you such a method. It can also be carried out by untrained people. By using the TOGU equipment set the perception is addressed and light massage stimuli are set. Further articles, which you find in this category, are also suitable for the application in this area.

Dr. med. Gerrit Sommer:

"The ingenious thing about the healthy training concept is the optimal combination of perfect training equipment and easy implementation for the patient. This is complemented by a unique combination of exercises tailored to the specific illness, injury or the desire to lose weight. This makes training possible for young and old alike".

No matter whether you use the program for prevention or only become active after a health problem has occurred: If you have any complaints, always consult your doctor or physiotherapist for advice. Healthy training offers you a solution that you can carry out independently in everyday life as a supplement to therapeutic treatment.

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