Dynair® Ballkissen® XXL
Dynair® Ballkissen® XXL

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Dynair® Ballkissen® XXL
Dynair® Ballkissen® XXL
Dynair® Ballkissen® XXL
Dynair® Ballkissen® XXL
Dynair® Ballkissen® XXL
Dynair® Ballkissen® XXL
Dynair® Ballkissen® XXL
Dynair® Ballkissen® XXL

Dynair® Ballkissen® XXL - blue

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An air-filled training balance cushion - made in Germany - made of high-quality ruton. The... more
Product information "Dynair® Ballkissen® XXL"

An air-filled training balance cushion - made in Germany - made of high-quality ruton. The material Ruton is odourless and very resilient (up to approx. 200kg). The products are latex-free. For the original Dynair Ballkissen XXL Level III, Meditation and Level IV TOGU gives a 30-year manufacturer warranty.

The difference between the Dynair Ballkissen XXL Level IV and Level III and Meditation is the hardness of the material. Dynair Ballkissen XXL Meditation and Dynair Ball Cushion Level III have the same degree of hardness. Only the colour varies. The Dynair Ballkissen XXL Level IV on the other hand, has a lower degree of hardness. This leads to a higher instability of the training equipment during the exercises. This makes the training even more effective.

What does the application do?
With a diameter of 50 cm, it challenges every user to high performance and improves coordination, balance and strength. Constant balancing movements activate the deep muscles. In the prone and supine position it also enables a high degree of cross-over coordination training. One side with round, soft nubs additionally produces a massage effect. The other side with the popular, velvety-smooth Classic design.

How do they work?
The original Dynair XXL Level III in blue, Level III Meditation and Level IV, are much more dynamic than the original Dynair ball pillows with a smaller diameter due to the increased volume. They also offer soft and gentle support during exercises in lying positions. The Original Dynair XXL Level III, Meditation and Level IV allow for exhaustion and relaxation, stability and dynamics in coordination training at the highest level.

Expert opinion of Dr. med. Gerrit Sommer, team doctor of the German Snowboard - National Team FA of general medicine / sports medicine / chirotherapy / naturopathy:
"We use the Dynair ball cushion XXL in the training of the national snowboard team because of the unique possibility to combine coordination and strength training on one or both legs at the same time. The Dynair Ball Cushion XXL is perfectly suitable for free stabilisation training as well as for training on equipment, e.g. rope pull or leg press, to improve the movement sequences under power load. In addition, training with the Dynair XXL ball cushion in the coordinative area is simply fun.

"I lie down on the original Dynair ball cushion with its 50 cm diameter and feel the round, soft Senso pimples on my back. Then I do the exercises in supine position and immediately notice the enormous dynamics of the ball cushion. You always have to balance, which has a positive effect on my balance and equilibrium. Sitting down, I strengthen my back muscles and also train the muscles of the spine. The standing exercises I can do with the Dynair XXL also improve my joint stability".

Technical specifications:
Dimensions: 50 cm diameter
Level III = blue and red (meditation)
Level IV = Black
Weight: approx. 2.500 g
Load capacity: approx. 200 kg

Tested and recommended by the Forum: Gesunder Rücken - besser leben e.V. and the Federal Association of German Back Schools (BdR)
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Suitable for therapy and training for animals.


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