Nervous System Set

Nervous System Set

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Content: - Aero Step XL - Bodyroll - Senso Walking Trainer plus - Training Chart Nervous System... more
Product information "Nervous System Set"

- Aero Step XL
- Bodyroll
- Senso Walking Trainer plus
- Training Chart Nervous System

Recommended exercise programmes and training equipment for nervous system disorders

The task of the nervous system is to receive and process information about the environment and the organism, i.e. stimuli, and to induce reactions in order to react to changes. In the human nervous system, the conduction of neurons can be divided into afferences (from the sensors to the brain) and efferences (from the brain to the effectors, e.g. muscles).

Diseases of the nervous system often have far-reaching consequences and greatly limit the patient's ability to act. One example is Parkinson's disease, which is associated with the loss of specific brain cells.

Training balance also means training sensorimotor functions. In simple terms, sensorimotor function is the interaction between sensory (e.g. nerve tracts) and motor (e.g. muscles, tendons, ligaments) performance of the body. You train on the air-filled and therefore unstable surfaces of TOGU not only your ability to balance but also your nervous system, as new stimulus information (e.g. to get out of balance during a simple movement) has to be processed.

The 15-minute program, which you can download here for free online and easily integrate into your daily life, contains such exercises. It can also be carried out by untrained persons. Other articles you will find in this category are also suitable for this area. If you have an existing nervous system disorder, your doctor can give you individual recommendations for the program presented here.

Dr. med. Gerrit Sommer:

"The ingenious thing about the healthy training concept is the optimal combination of perfect training equipment and easy implementation for the patient. This is complemented by a unique combination of exercises tailored to the specific illness, injury or desire to lose weight. This makes training possible for young and old alike".

No matter whether you use the program for prevention or only become active after a health problem has occurred: If you have any complaints, always consult your doctor or physiotherapist for advice. Healthy training offers you a solution that you can carry out independently in everyday life as a supplement to therapeutic treatment.

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