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The Reduce Weight Set The Reduce Weight Set
Content: - Brasil set of 2 - Jumper - Powerball Premium ABS Recommended exercise programmes and weight loss training equipment Many people have the desire to reduce their body weight for various reasons. In order to clarify the personal...
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FASZIO tuning ball-set FASZIO tuning ball-set
The healthy fascial stimulation for everyone! The FASZIO® Balls allround and local are effective miracle accessories for courses, such as health, back, senior or general fitness courses (also in water). They are ideal for optimizing...
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Faszio Ball local Faszio Ball local
The healthy stimulation of fasciae for everyone! The air-filled Faszio Ball – made in Germany - solves highly effective fascial adhesions and tensions, stimulates metabolism, thereby protects the vascular system and protects against an...
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Blackroll Slim Blackroll Slim
The BLACKROLL® SLIM packs all the advantages of the BLACKROLL® STANDARD into a convenient format. The length remains the same at 30 centimeters but the circumference has been reduced. This makes the BLACKROLL® SLIM perfect fortraveling....
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Fascial Coach Ball (incl. Pump) with DVD backfree Fascial Coach Ball (incl. Pump) with DVD backfree
Fascial Coach Ball The air-filled Fascial Coach Ball – made in Germany – dissolves fascial agglutinations and tensions. The gentle, skin-friendly material protects the nociception (translated:perception pf pain) and prevents irritability...
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Topanga® green 3 kg Topanga® green 3 kg
Fast, easy, everywhere - Topanga green is the perfect partner for a balanced body shape and health training. Whether alone at home or in a group in the studio, its versatility offers a fun workout. Several muscle groups are addressed by...
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Replacement for Earth ball Replacement for Earth ball
Replacement plug * Compatible for Earth Ball 2m diameter. *free of shipping costs
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Blackroll® Deep Releazer Blackroll® Deep Releazer
Blackroll® Deep Releazer While the RELEAZER features especially designed edges for a highly effective massage, the DEEP RELEAZER adds durable rubber nubs to target and loosen tight spots on an even deeper level. The DEEP RELEAZER’s nubs...
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The lumbar spine (lumbar spine) is the lower section of the spine. In humans it consists of five vertebrae, the lumbar vertebrae. The lumbar vertebrae are highly stressed by the upright gait and form the basis of the trunk. This is where...
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Cardio Set Cardio Set
Content: - Jumper - Brasil set of 2 - Theragym Band 120 cm blue (strong) Recommended exercise programs and training devices for cardio training Cardio or endurance training has the goal of increasing endurance. Endurance is the ability...
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HWS/Nacken Set HWS/Nacken Set
Content: - happyback Relax-Nex - Theragym Powerband 120 cm blue - Senso Mat mini Recommended exercise programs and training equipment for the cervical spine The cervical spine in humans consists of seven cervical vertebrae. It is usually...
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Nervensystem Set Nervensystem Set
Content: - Aero Step XL - Bodyroll - Senso Walking Trainer plus Recommended exercise programmes and training equipment for nervous system disorders The task of the nervous system is to receive and process information about the...
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