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Redondo® Ball Touch Redondo® Ball Touch
It is a soft, inflatable and very resilient ball made of foamed Ruton - made in Germany. It can be rapidly inflated by mouth.This ball can bear a weight of at least 110 kg .The material is odourless, latex-free and made of 100%...
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Redondo Ball Redondo Ball
The Redondo Ball - made in Germany - is made of the soft, foamed and at the same time odourless material Ruton. The air filling can be individually regulated by a plug closure. The product is latex-free and made of 100% recyclable...
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Theragym Loop Theragym Loop
Theragym Loop Small tool – great effect. Stretch, strengthen or condition. Ideal for travel. Available in 4 level. Resistance yellow = easy green = medium blue = strong black = extra strong Technical Data: Material: Latex Size: 1/2...
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Brasil® in a set of 2 Brasil® in a set of 2
The TOGU Brasil - made in Germany - the small, handy deep muscle trainer. What does the application do? The TOGU Brasil give a targeted movement feedback (shaking effect) through its intelligent filling of air and weight. The deep muscle...
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Senso balance hedgehog XL in a set of 2 Senso balance hedgehog XL in a set of 2
An air-filled hemisphere - made in Germany - made of ruton with pleasant nubs and a needle valve for air regulation. The material Ruton is odourless and very resilient (up to 200kg), it is latex-free and consists of 100% recyclable...
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Powerball ABS Powerball ABS
The airbag for your big ball - Original ABS® Safety made in Germany An air-filled and burst-proof ball made of Crylon. The material is odorless, latex-free,very resilient up to 500 kg (guaranteed burst-proof in case of damage to the...
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Pilates Foamroller Premium Pilates Foamroller Premium
The Pilates Foamroller Premium from our category "Piloga". A wide range of exercises possible. This firm roll consists of durable EVA foam material. A length of 90 cm. Resists slipping away during the training. For using at the gym or at...
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Redondo® Ball with actisan® Redondo® Ball with actisan®
Redondo® Ball with actisan® A healthy body posture with the Redondo Ball - made in Germany. With 22 cm and 18 cm in diameter this ball made of soft foamed material is a real TOGU classic. It serves as an ideal Pilates partner, for pelvic...
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Redondo® Ball mein Yoga Redondo® Ball mein Yoga
Yoga and Gymnastics - the new "Redondo® Ball mein Yoga" The popular and versatile Redondo® ball mein Yoga -made in Germany - in the new size max. 42 cm opens up new exercise possibilities. So you can integrate flowing gymnastic exercises...
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Dynair® Ballkissen® 36 cm Dynair® Ballkissen® 36 cm
The Original Dynair Ballkissen XL - made in Germany - is an air-filled and dynamic training device. It is considered an uncomplicated and space-saving alternative to the big ball and is used as an base for back and fitness training in...
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LAUFMAMALAUF Redondo Ball 26 cm rubinrot LAUFMAMALAUF Redondo Ball 26 cm rubinrot
The LAUFMAMALAUF Redondo Ball - made in Germany - is made of soft, foamed and odorless material Ruton. A plug closure allows the air filling to be regulated individually. The product is latex-free and made of 100% recyclable plastic. The...
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CLEVER The "TRAINCHAIN" is a most versatile training device. It is a clever "all-in-one" tool due to the ingenious combination of three specially shaped weight rings. The texture of the rings makes them comfortable to hold and carry. The...
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