Redondo® Fell Redondo + DVD Mobility Routine (German language)

Redondo® Fell Redondo + DVD Mobility Routine (German language)

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Product information "Redondo® "Feel Redondo®" The Redondo Ball - made in Germany - is made of... more
Product information "Redondo® Fell Redondo + DVD Mobility Routine (German language)"

Product information "Redondo® "Feel Redondo®"

The Redondo Ball - made in Germany - is made of soft, foamed and at the same time odorless material Ruton - made in Germany. The air filling can be regulated individually by a plug closure. The product is latex-free and made of 100% recyclable plastic.

What does the application do?
It serves as an ideal Pilates partner, for pelvic floor and abdominal muscle training as well as for neck massage and deep relaxation. The soft yet robust ball is very durable and can be used in Pilates, Wellness, Fitness and MindBody.

How does it work?
The "foldable" ball for Pilates, fitness and pelvic floor training is versatile. With little air the ball can be used as a support cushion for the back or neck. It can withstand a body weight of up to 120 kg (when exercising lying down). Jammed between the thighs, it is also used to fix and strengthen the muscles. Due to the elastic skin it is also ideal for gripping and catching exercises. The light and soft ball can even be used indoors when throwing. An exercise poster is included in delivery.

"The ball is delivered in a cardboard box together with an exercise poster and a straw to inflate. If this is lost, the ball can be inflated with any other straw or even directly with the mouth. For some exercises it is better if the ball is rather soft, e.g. if you lie down or kneel on it. It is closed with a small plug that will not fly out of the ball even under the greatest pressure. If you want to take it with you, it makes itself very small without air and is therefore an ideal companion when travelling. The spectrum ranges from very simple exercises (e.g. clamping between the legs and squeezing) to very challenging exercises. For example, you can support yourself on the ball with one knee and stretch the other leg backwards to keep your balance. You can train all areas of the abdominal, leg, butt, back, neck and neck muscles, but it is also very useful for body awareness and relaxation exercises. An ingenious training device for little money.

Tested and recommended by the Forum: Healthy back - better live registered association and the Federal association of the German back schools (BdR) registered association.
Further information here.

Technical data:
- Size/Color: 26 cm/green
- Load capacity: 120 kg (for exercises in lying position)

 Product Information "DVD MOBILITY ROUTINE

 Mobility Training is an important component for keeping the body healthy.

Most people have experienced that limited mobility is often associated with tension and pain.
It is limited shoulder girdle mobility, which manifests itself with neck pain, or tension and pain in the lower back, which makes the pelvis and legs tight.
But also joint inflammations, even arthroses, can be attributed to limited mobility.

With Mobility Training, we can put these problems, which are usually caused by myofascial imbalances, back on track, break through pain cycles and release tension.
However, it is much more important to understand that our joints and the structures surrounding them need care. Care through movements that supply them with nutrients that remove inflammatory messengers and metabolic waste products that make the tissue soft, flexible and permeable. Every body joint, every spinal joint, no matter how small, needs our attention - our care.

Mobiliy Training is a contribution to your health!

Each body region has its own little mobility routines:
- Mobility Routines for a free neck
- Mobility routine for a pain-free back
- Mobility Routine for more freedom and joy of movement
- Mobility routine for hip and foot

Good luck & fun with your daily routine.

Playing time: 182 minutes
Language: German
Aspect ratio: 16:9

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