The Story

TOGU was founded in 1956 as a family business in Prien am Chiemsee, Germany.

The original business idea was to produce a ball without seams or glue, entirely from one cast.

Today, TOGU’s vast and versatile product range includes play and sports equipment for kindergarten and school, training and therapy equipment for home, the gym, or rehabilitation, as well as products for injury prevention and athletic training in elite sports.

TOGU has always maintained and continuously expanded its production site in Prien am Chiemsee, Germany.

The national and international demand for our TOGU quality products “Made in Germany” is constantly increasing and we are proud to be able to meet the expectations placed on us with our advantageous location in Germany. We sell our products in more than 50 countries in addition to our home market.

It is important to us at TOGU to manufacture durable, sustainable and high-quality products “Made in Germany”. This reduces the need for raw materials and energy.

By taking care to ensure the utmost quality we are convinced to make an important contribution to true sustainability through the production of durable and long-lasting products.

Private end customers have the possibility to register many TOGU products for a 30-year manufacturer warranty.

TOGU stands for quality and functionality, but also for innovation, reliability, flexibility and speed in the implementation of new developments, and of course for production in Germany. All facilities are located on the approx. 11,000 m² company premises in Prien am Chiemsee in Germany.

The machines for production and printing were developed and designed in house. TOGU has its own mold construction including surface finishing. Short delivery distances to local suppliers for e.g. wooden elements or injection molded parts are also part of our sustainability concept and the conservation of resources.

All products manufactured by TOGU® are:

  • made in Germany
  • durable, robust and abrasion resistant
  • waterproof
  • easy to clean
  • can be used at almost any temperature
  • 100% recyclable
  • latex-free
  • without silicone
  • free of heavy metals
  • odorless


The Philosophy

Move healthy – experience more

We are manufacturers with a passion. As a family business, we have been developing and manufacturing outstanding products for training, rehabilitation and therapy, wellness, sports and play since 1956.

TOGU products are incomparable. They are unique solutions that get you moving and help you lead an active and healthy life. Achieve and restore well-being. Increase performance. Feel the joy of life.

TOGU is good for you.



  • 1956 Foundation of the ball factory with the invention of the world’s first seamless
    playball made in one piece
  • 1964 The hopping ball is born – until today a toy with fun
  • 1970 Development of the first air-filled, and therefore
    bouncing medicine ball
  • 1983 The large gymnastics balls are discovered for training
  • 1995 Invention of the Dynair® Ballkissen®: the practical
    and popular space-saving alternative to the large gymnastic
  • 1985 Jump and fun for whole generation of kids: Moonhopper is developed and launched. Later on also available for adults as Moonhopper Sport
  • 1998 ABS®: TOGU invents the world’s first and only
    guaranteed “burst-proof” gymnastic ball with anti-burst
  • 2000 Powerball Extreme ABS® – the world’s safest exercise
    ball – burst proof up to 1.000 kg / 2.200 lbs
  • 2000 Launch of the Aero-Step®: the first air-filled device for
    balance and coordination training quickly enters professional and health sports. The first educational
    concept about sensori motor training for trainers and
    fitness professionals is created.
  • 2008 Development and launch of the TOGU Jumper®
    multifunctional training device. The device is used
    by international sports stars in prevention and training.
    Same time, the popular Brasil® Workout is presented on the
    fitness market.
  • 2013 The Balanza® product series is a perfect combination
    of dynamic balls and a stable wooden panel: a new
    dimension in sensori motor training.
  • 2015 Relaunch of the famous Redondo® Ball with a new
    size: Redondo® Ball Plus creates new challenge in
    fitness training.
  • 2017 Jacaranda® – The brand-new training concept
    combines elements of fitness and yoga.
  • 2018 Balanza® Vario –  the future of sensorimotor training
    All forms of balance and coordination training combined in one device.
  • 2020 Great come back in german TV show of our eighties classic balance board Moonhopper Sport
  • 2022 TRAINCHAIN: smart – functional – effective – three specially shaped weight rings for an “all-in-one tool” in weight training.
  • 2022 Flow Perfect® – premium balance trainer that combines smart training on the bike with effective core workouts – for more power on the pedal.