The fact that the large exercise ball, also known as a seat ball or fitness ball, is ideal for training the back and trunk muscles as well as for back-friendly sitting in everyday life, is well known.

Less well known, however, is that all conventional gymnastic balls can burst suddenly when damaged during use and thus there is a significant risk of injury to the users of such balls.
Unfortunately, this also often applies to so-called anti-burst balls, which are lightly advertised as space or burst safe.

The term anti-burst is not protected. Therefore, it is often not misleadingly used by providers of guaranteed safe space balls, as their balls can still burst in case of damage during use. This is dangerous to the user’s health if he or she suddenly falls to the ground.



The Aero-Step® as one of the first balance trainers ever invented was originally named “Get-On Fußtrainer”.

The dual chamber system proofed to be an ideal instable training tool, for health- and sports professionals as well. Since then, the Aero-Step can be found in many private housholds as a practical training tool for “in between” execises. It is now a standard equipment for sportsclubs and pro athletes.



The Balanza® product line, based on the the Balanza technology, is a new creation from TOGU. The innovation consists of a solid, lasting and user freindly connection between one or more balls and a wooden plate.This type of bouyant instability can be used in diverse applications in training and meanwhile embraces five products.



The TOGU Brasil® uses an intelligent filling of air and weight which offers you a specific movement feedback (shake effect) and also acustic rhythm for group training sessions. Originally brought on the market as “Senso Hand Trainer” this mobile and easy to use product was developed to a modern fitness tool and strong product brand.



Two of the strongest TOGU brands: Dynair® and Ballkissen®

Both brands represent the invention of a spacesaving alternative to a big gymnastic ball. No matter if its being used as a seat cushion or a training tool: the original Dynair® Ballkissen® stands for perfect design, easy handling, extreme presistance and effectivity for the user.

Tested and recommended by the Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V and standard equipment in each training centre. Due to its space saving design ideal for home use.



In 2008 TOGU brought one of the most versatile training tools on the market: the TOGU Jumper®.

The goal was to create a safe and same time effective connection between a stable plate and dynamic air-filled ball to get a “trampoline effect”. As there were already half balls on plates on the market this was the technical challenge. The result was the european patent EP 2092964 and a lots of challenge and fun in fitness and training for users worldwide.



Redondo® simply means round in spanish language. And as simple this “foldable” ball is one of the best sellers in our range for years. Easy to handle, inflate and deflate without any pump needed, light weight, but loadable up to 110kg. These are the most important advantages of the Redondo® Balls.


Moonhopper® – The balance board to jump with with. Combines fun and training in an incomparable way. The special: also suitable as Moonhopper Sport for older children and adults.


Bonito® – Just as the name already reveals, this is a little, cute and nice horse.Its always a great pleasure to see the children getting all excited when they are in action with the Bonito®. Even the tiniest hands can hold these ears! With the Bonito® you make a great gift to every child and you can support his or her health.