Dynair® Premium wedge Ballkissen
Dynair® Premium wedge Ballkissen

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Dynair® Premium wedge Ballkissen
Dynair® Premium wedge Ballkissen
Dynair® Premium wedge Ballkissen
Dynair® Premium wedge Ballkissen
Dynair® Premium wedge Ballkissen

Dynair® Premium wedge Ballkissen - misty mountain

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The Dynair® Wedge Ballkissen Premium - made in Germany - is an inflated and dynamic training... more
Product information "Dynair® Premium wedge Ballkissen"

The Dynair® Wedge Ballkissen Premium - made in Germany - is an inflated and dynamic training tool made of high-quality Ruton and is shaped like a wedge.One side with round, soft Senso nubs, one side with velvety-smooth surface.

It is a space saving alternative to an exercise ball and is being used as an unstable surface for active dynamic sitting e.g. in home office. It features a needle valve for regulating the air charge. The Dynair® Wedge Ballkissen® can bear a weight of max. 200 kg. The material is odourless, latex-free and made of 100% recyclable plastic. The manufacturer offers a 30 year warranty for the product.

What is it good for?
For a strong and healthy back and a stable core. The back is very effectively relieved and becomes incidentally trained. It can help to avoid pain in the intervertebral discs and strengthen the spinal muscles. The upright posture can be optimized. In addition the following affects can be observed during a sensorimotoric training (interaction between nervous system and muscles): improvement of the nervous system, concentration and coordination, and the stability of joints. The spikey massage knobs stimulate sensory receptors and can improve blood circulation.

How does it work?
The air charge in combination with the form and the special, high quality material make a dynamic sitting and training possible. Place the Dynair® Ballkissen® on a seat. While sitting on the ball cushion minimal movements are necessary to counterbalance the instable surface. These movements are performed by the back muscles. So without spending time for any additional exercises, the back muscles can easily be trained at the office or at home. The wedge shape makes the hips move in a slightly forward position while sitting. Thus the whole upper body assumes a more upright posture which can take pressure from your back. Additional exercises can be performed, standing on this tool to improve balance (especially the coordination between brain and muscles), joints stabilization and to strengthen and tone core muscles. The ball cushion can be inflated or deflated for various levels of comfort and difficulty. A ballpump comes with the product.

The ball cushion is perfect because it is saving a lot of space compared to a ball. It makes me sit more upright due to the wedge like shape. At the same time it makes me sit comfortably as it offers more stability thanks to its design. Still the air inside requires some counterbalancing which strenghtens my back muscles. You get used to it quickly and just after a short while you realize: There is something happening with my body! I sit more upright, I compensate permanently in order to keep balance and I feel my back muscles working. As my back pain gradually disappears, my impression of doing something good for my health is reaffirmed.


Suitable for therapy and training for animals.


Technical details:
Size: approx. 35 x 35 cm
Weight: approx. 1150 g
Load capacity: up to max. 200 kg

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