Bike Balance Board 3B black
Bike Balance Board 3B black
Bike Balance Board 3B black
Bike Balance Board 3B black
Bike Balance Board 3B black

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Bike Balance Board 3B black - with ball

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TOGU Bike Balance Board 3B and Flow Perfect® Rediscover your body feeling Performance and... more
Product information "Bike Balance Board 3B black"

TOGU Bike Balance Board 3B and Flow Perfect®

Rediscover your body feeling
Performance and well-being - through an optimally trained body center
Individual and versatile. The 3B black with its tools for your way to a new body feeling
Performance and well-being are particularly determined by our body's core. Whether in everyday life or in sports - our body center is decisive for the ease of movement and our balance. The ease of movement and balance are in many cases the result of an optimally trained body center. Optimally trained are the movements from the body center, when they can be executed without thinking.

The TOGU 3B is an extraordinary balance training device!
100% body center: Your hands grip the handlebar. Your movement comes only from the center of your body. The center of your body is your focus!
From gentle to sporty: You determine the speed of your movement. You can choose between gently slow and sporty fast. You set the speed limit!
2 in 1 - balance and glide: Dynamic balancing and extensive gliding with only one training device. Also incomparable: You glide over more than half a meter.

The Flow Perfect® training system
Increases your comfort zone: You internalize new movements step by step until you perform them with ease and without thinking. This is how you increase your comfort zone!
Challenges you, but doesn't overwhelm: You challenge yourself in your workout, but never overwhelm yourself. You determine the intensity of your workout. You have full control!
Makes you happy: When you succeed in executing a new movement, your body rewards you with dopamine. You are happy!

Flow Perfect®: Bike style training - movements like on the bike - e.g. pumping and pushing.
Perfect your movements on the mountain bike, but also the movements from your everyday life. Pushing and pumping can be trained specifically with a roller specially developed for the 3B black - for more speed on the bike and more movement quality in sports and everyday life.

The TOGU Bike Balance Board 3B has a special value!
The training device of the world champions and professionals is innovative, functional and durable. The premium balance trainer: developed and manufactured in Germany.

- with medicine ball 1 kg and optionally with a roll
- Wooden strips on the edge of the board
- 4 small red balls on the underside of the board, provide support
- Covered with black matt lacquer, which gives the surface more grip

Technical Specifications:
Bike Balance Board 3B black:
Dimensions: about 65x52x76 cm
Technical configuration: plate with handlebar, 4 Balanza balls and 1 Medicine Ball 1kg / 2,2lbs / optional with roll as add-on
Ruton, birch wood lacquered, and aluminum
Max. load: approx. 150 kg