Fascial Coach Ball

Fascial Coach Ball

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  The air-filled Fascial Coach Bal l – made in Germany – dissolves fascial... more
Product information "Fascial Coach Ball"


The air-filled Fascial Coach Ball – made in Germany – dissolves fascial agglutinations and tensions.
The gentle, skin-friendly material protects the nociception (translated:perception pf pain) and prevents irritability of the structures. The material Ruton is odorless, very resilient (approx. 200 kg) and free of latex.

The degree of hardness is regulated via air supply, wich allows an individual and controlled adaptation to the need and the body region of each individual human being,

Dependingon the objective, agglutinations can be solved, tensions can be removed, the metabolism can be stimulated and the fibers can be expanded.

The ball is flexible, elastic and lies well in the hand. Because of the user-friendly, vascular-friendly and the versatile is the use at home as well as in groups, e.g. Health, back, seniors or general fitness classes. 


  • optimal contact surface of the LWS(thoracolumbalfascia is stimulated in a multidirectional direction)
  • distance of shoulder blades (minimised thepressure on the mandrel extensions over the shoulder blade edges, but the symmetricalload on the rhomboids, trapezius etc. is optimized)
  • accessibility of the cervical musculature(HWS Lordose in natural function in the back and lateral position)
  • optimal leverage for stretching the thoracicmuscles, the iliopsoas, the triceps,…
  • optimal support and movement area of thebuttocks (including piriformis àsciatica can be relieved

The „balling“ is a niceway to expand the Foamrolling.

Nici Mende (concept „Fascial Coach“) uses the „Fascial Coach“ Ball for gentle, multi directional fascial work. In combination with the TOGU Blackroll or the Actiroll Wave M the support surface can be optimally adjusted and the pressure on the fascial structures can be dosed well.

Technical data:
Measurement: approx. 16 cm

Material: Ruton

Made in Germany


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