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MyBall - blue-transparent 45 cm

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  • 1,3 kg
An air-filled, unstable training ball - made in Germany - from high-quality ruton. The material... more
Product information "MyBall"

An air-filled, unstable training ball - made in Germany - from high-quality ruton. The material Ruton is odourless, latex-free, very resilient (up to approx. 500 kg) and made of 100 % recyclable plastic.

What does the application do?
Strengthening of the back, stomach, leg, buttock and pelvic floor muscles. In addition, balance is trained and the spine is mobilized.

How does it work?
The MyBall with its non-slip, double-grooved surface is super springy and has good size stability. It is also ideal as a versatile, effective training device for the whole body.

"I sit down on the MyBall and immediately notice the mobility of the ball. In order not to fall off the ball, an upright posture is automatically adopted. By moving with my buttocks in different directions I constantly keep my balance and thus improve my balance. In supine position I roll my back vertebra by vertebra and thus strengthen my back muscles. If I want to relax, I just lie on my back, the ball is under my lower legs. Then I roll the ball to the left and right."

Color deviations are possible for the marble color variant due to production reasons!

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