Redondo® Ball mein Yoga

Redondo® Ball mein Yoga

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Yoga and Gymnastics - the new "Redondo® Ball mein Yoga" The popular and versatile Redondo®... more
Product information "Redondo® Ball mein Yoga"

Yoga and Gymnastics - the new "Redondo® Ball mein Yoga"

The popular and versatile Redondo® ball mein Yoga -made in Germany - in the new size max. 42 cm opens up new exercise possibilities. So you can integrate flowing gymnastic exercises in your daily training. Find your center with fun and activate your body and mind. The movement concept "mein Yoga" combines elements of yoga and healthy training into attractive and challenging exercises. The exercise programs areavailable online for free.

Due to its soft and non-slip surface, the medium-sizedgymnastic ball is pleasant to handle and conveys safety during balance exercises. In addition, it is due to its stability ideal for exercises insitting and kneeing and especially good as a dynamic support surface. With its own weight of approx. 500 g and a diameter of max. 42 cm the Redondo Ball can also be used for stretching and strengthening exercises. The Redondo Ball meinYoga is quick and easy to in- and deflate without a pump. So you can easily change the level of difficulty of the exercises.

The Redondo® ball mein Yoga is very resilient due tothe flexible material made in Germany (max. load up to approx. 150 kg), easy to clean and therefore hygienic. The material is 100% recyclable. The product is manufactured at TOGU in Germany in a fair and resource-saving manner.

Your advantages:

Promote your own body perception and find your inner balance. Connect body and mind.
Through gymnastic yoga exercises, increase your strength from the core of the body - down to the depths. Take advantage of the balance training with the new exercise ball. Improve your stability, balance and attitude through sensorimotor training: Strength with the "mein Yoga" exercises your concentration and your self-confidence. Get more mobility and improve your inter- and intramuscular coordination with the Redondo® Ball mein Yoga.

The Redondo® Ball mein Yoga is also particularly suitable for group yoga classes in fitness clubs, as it provides new challenges and fun for the participants and is very space-saving. Redondo® Ball mein Yoga- give yourself a smile! And have fun while training!


Item-no.:          492200
max. 42 cm
Weight:             approx. 500 g
Material:          foamed Ruton