Fascial Coach deepRING

Fascial Coach deepRING

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The Fascial Coach deepRING is an innovative sensorimotor training device that activates your... more
Product information "Fascial Coach deepRING"

The Fascial Coach deepRING is an innovative sensorimotor training device that activates your deeper muscles. The special weighted and moving filling inside the ring activates your endogenous power, caused by rotations and movements by acceleration.

The Fascial Coach deepRING challenges and supportsall your senses. It inspires and motivates you through the diversified applications and varied challenges during training.

The enclosed training chart shows you different exercises for use in the studio or at home. The Fascial Coach deepRING - madein Germany - is about 30 cm in diameter with a weight filling of about 1,500 grams. The material Ruton is extremely durable, washable and robust and can be recycled multiple times.

The concept Fascial Coach deepRING:

Promoteperception: you will feel the balls running inside the ring. Receptorsof the skin and the superficial fascial layer are stimulated.

Teaching sensorysystems: the filling activates the small muscle groups in a reflectiveway. The receptors of the muscle shells and partner structures are stimulated.

Increase power: increase your strength and core power by appropriate acceleration andlever change.

Positivelyinfluencing mobility: Your mobility benefits by fine tuning of yourreceptors and the central nervous system.

Improvecoordination: improved coordination allows for a functionalmuscle-fascia system. A healthy system can prevent structural pain or reduce itin the long term.

Color:                turquoise
approx. 30 cm diameter
Weight:              approx. 1.500 g
Material:            Ruton,filled with stainless steel bowls


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