Sitzball ABS®

Sitzball ABS® - silver 45cm

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Original ABS® Safety Made in Germany - The airbag for your big ball. The ABS® sitting ball is... more
Product information "Sitzball ABS®"

Original ABS® Safety Made in Germany - The airbag for your big ball.

The ABS® sitting ball is specially designed for the workplace. No more rolling away when standing up. For relaxed dynamic sitting.  The springing is damped at the ABS®- seat ball, which enables a vertically calm sitting and therefore you also have a calmer view.
This feature proves valuable when sitting with high eye fixation, such as at a PC workstation or at school.

It is also an air-filled and space-saving training ball - Made in Germany. The special anti-burst material Crylon® is odorless, latex-free, very resilient (up to 500 kg / with guaranteed burst safety in case of damage to the outer skin up to 120kg) and made of 100% recyclable plastic.

What does it do?
A strengthening especially of the abdominal, back and torso muscles through safe, effective and dynamic back and stability training. Can help prevent or alleviate back problems by sitting upright and in motion. Improve coordination and balance.

How does it work?
While sitting on the ball, an upright posture is automatically assumed. At the same time, the pelvic floor, abdominal and back muscles are repeatedly used involuntarily to balance the body. In case of damage by objects such as sharp edges, needles, glass splinters, scissors, etc., the material of the ball skin prevents a sudden rupture. The air escapes only slowly through the hole. Bursting is excluded and injuries due to an unexpected fall are avoided.

"Many think one ball is like another. Rarely do we think about what happens if such a ball is damaged during training or sitting and suddenly bursts. I want to be safe in any case and therefore chose the seat ball ABS. Already when inflating you notice that the outer skin is firmer and leaves a solid impression. The ball deforms somewhat when sitting, which is a consequence of the safety material. By the way, the ABS seat ball is also used by me at work for sitting to prevent back pain. Compared to a rigid office chair, the seat ball, which was specially developed for the workplace, feels wonderfully flexible and sporty. It not only noticeably takes stress out of work, but also improves my concentration."


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