Blackroll® Needleroller

Blackroll® Needleroller

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BLACKROLL® NEEDLEROLLER Stimulation of the surface fascia layers You'll feel the... more
Product information "Blackroll® Needleroller"


  • Stimulation of the surface fascia layers
  • You'll feel the tingling, perfusion-supporting effect immediately
  • Can regulate collagen and elastin production

The stimulation of surface fascia with the BLACKROLL® NEEDLEROLLER has a variety of effects. The nerve endings in the skin and upper layers of the fascia are stimulated. The tissues will be optimally prepared for subsequent therapeutic treatments. The tingling, perfusion-supporting effect is felt immediately. In combination with treatment of deeper layers of tissue, the BLACKROLL® NEEDLEROLLER can regulate the production of collagen and elastin.

Applications of the BLACKROLL® NEEDLEROLLER   

The pressure of the BLACKROLL® NEEDLEROLLER can be dispensed with great precision. Roll it back and forth on the skin to stimulate the free nerve endings in the skin. The NEEDLEROLLER is particularly well-suited for stimulating the reflex and acupuncture zones. It is also perfect for preparing to work with the BLACKROLL® STANDARD, the BLACKROLL® MINI, the BLACKROLL® DUOBALL, and the BLACKROLL® RELEAZER, but it can also be used after rollout.

The BLACKROLL® NEEDLEROLLER is a great tool for anybody who wants to lead a healthy lifestyle. Its efficiency is just as unique as its simplicity and reliability of use. Its effectiveness is based on a combination of reflex zone activation and mechanical and biochemicalreaction to thousands of metal needles. “   

Nikolay Lyapko, medical specialist and developer of Dr. Lyapko applicators