Medicine ball
Medicine ball

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Medicine ball
Medicine ball
Medicine ball
Medicine ball
Medicine ball
Medicine ball

Medicine ball - 0,5 kg / red

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The medicine ball - a training tool for the whole body During the exercises, tension is... more
Product information "Medicine ball"

The medicine ball - a training tool for the whole body

During the exercises, tension is built up in the whole body, thereby addressing many muscle groups (muscle chains). This also trains intermuscular coordination, i.e. the interplay of muscles. The body is trained holistically: Core, arms and legs.
The use of the ball opens up an enormous variety of exercise options.
- For individual exercises and partner exercises. Individual, pair or group work.
- The degree of difficulty can be changed at any time by selecting the appropriate weight and adjusting the arm and leg levers. A complete warm-up is very important.
- The ball can be thrown. The ball can be thrown on the floor (slam) or against the wall to train speed and explosive strength.
- The medicine ball can also be used to train the transfer of power through the torso to the arms. For all sports involving rotational forces (e.g. tennis or golf).

Functional training
Train your stomach, back, shoulders, torso, arms and legs.
Strengthen muscles, burn fat and improve your athletic performance.
Strength and cardio workout. Training with a wide range of variations. Many muscle groups are addressed.
The medicine ball is a training device for functional training. Train your coordination, strength and endurance. Incorporate the medicine ball into your circuit training and exercises.
It can be used to train everyday movements as well as sport-specific movements.

Train with the medicine ball workout:
- Core muscles, straight and lateral abdominal muscles
- Shoulder muscles
- gluteal muscles
- Thigh muscles
- Speed strength
- Reactivity
- Core stability

The latex-free medicine balls for strengthening and coordination exercises, which bounce more than conventional medicine balls thanks to the special material and can be filled with air via the needle valve.

Technical data:

approx. weight:                 colors: approx.                size:              
0,5 kg                                 red                                     21 cm Ø                 
0,8 kg                                 blue                                   21 cm Ø                                          
1 kg                                     red                                    21 cm Ø
1,5 kg                                 brown                                28 cm Ø
2 kg                                     brown, red                       28 cm Ø
3 kg                                     blue                                  28 cm Ø
4 kg                                     green                               34 cm Ø
5 kg                                      red                                   34 cm Ø


Specials: equipped with needle valve

Material: high-quality Ruton® optics: rough, non-slip surface with segment division, with needle valve.

Load capacity: 150 kg

- made in Germany -