Jumper® mini with actisan®

Jumper® mini with actisan® - 36 x 18 cm

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Jumper mini with actisan The patented Jumper as mini version - made in Germany. Ideal for... more
Product information "Jumper® mini with actisan®"

Jumper mini with actisan

The patented Jumper as mini version - made in Germany. Ideal for one leg excercises and rehabilitation.Approved Dynair technology (2/3 ball). Extremely dynamic rebound effect. More stability for joints and ankles. Don‘t slip away even on glossy surfaces. Better Gripmaterial. Both sides to use. Vibration Transfer.

How actisan works?
The secret: Actisan is an ingredient for the synthetic material used for the tools and highly effective against bacteria and other microorganisms on an ionicbasis. It is constantly building up ions which are harmless for humans. These ions are attacking only the metabolism of the harmful organisms. What is remarkable about Actisan: It is antibacterial aswell as antimicrobial and destroys bacteria and other microorganisms at the same time. Therefore it is much more efficient than the usual wipe off disinfection. The material retains its full effectiveness for a period of five years.

What does the application do?
Due to its versatility, virtually all muscle groups can be trained, especially the deeper muscles that are important for general fitness. At the same time, balance, coordination and sensorimotor functions are involuntarily improved. Dysbalances are compensated. The trampoline effect also ensures a lot of fun during training. Due to its suitability for strengthening the back muscles, the Jumper has been awarded the AGR seal of approval, Aktion gesunder Rücken - besser leben e.V. (Action for healthy backs - live better).

How does it work?
Depending on the purpose of the exercise, the Jumper can be used while standing, jumping, sitting or lying down. The air filling provides an unstable and at the same time dynamic base. On the jumper you can jump, balance in standing position, perform knee bends. The abdominal muscles can be trained while sitting and the back muscles while lying down. Jumping on the side is also possible without any problems, the jumper is designed to be non-slip. The delivery includes a comprehensive exercise poster with numerous training suggestions. The exercise DVD "Perfect Shape Jumper" is optionally available. The jumper can be used on both sides.

"To get familiar, I stand on the Jumper at the beginning. You can already tell that the trampoline ball provides good footing without bending your ankles sideways and putting strain on them. The wobbly base sensitizes the sense of balance considerably. Squats or one-legged stands with eyes closed present a special challenge. The leg and joint muscles must work together with the sense of balance to achieve a secure stance. The muscles are strengthened, balance is improved and the coordination between the two is optimized. But also the abdominal muscles can be trained in the best way. I find a comfortable sitting position on the Jumper and I can do crunches and sit ups without straining my spine or tailbone. At the same time, the Jumper is non-slip and offers an optimal position for performing the exercises. When jumping on from the side, the slip resistance remains flawless. What is really fun, however, is jumping on the Jumper. The trampoline effect is simply ingenious. It's unbelievable how versatile this simple yet very sophisticated piece of sports equipment actually is. I bought the Jumper because it's almost like having your own little gym. Its compact size makes it super suitable for any apartment. And it's just crazy fun."

Technical details:
Size: 36 cm x max. 18 cm
max. Load: ca. 120 kg
Material: Ruton with actisan

Tested and recommended by “Forum Gesunder Rücken - besser leben e.V.”(Healthy Back Forum – Better Living) and the “Bundesverband deutscherRückenschulen (BdR) e.V.” (Federal Association of German Back TherapyTraining).More information here.

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