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The Aero Step - made in Germany - is an air-filled training device made of high-quality ruton.... more
Product information "Aero-Step®"

The Aero Step - made in Germany - is an air-filled training device made of high-quality ruton. The material Ruton is odourless and very resilient (approx. 200 kg). The material Ruton is odourless, latex-free and made of 100% recyclable plastic. TOGU gives a 30-year manufacturer warranty on the Aero-Step.

What does the application do?
The Aero-Step allows training and playing with fun guaranteed due to its 2-chamber air system. Joint stability is improved, balance is found, imbalances are corrected and reflexes and reactions are promoted. Equipped with many round knobs for additional stimulation of the foot reflex zone points, an additional massage effect and better blood circulation is achieved.

How does it work?
No matter whether standing, prone or supine, the instability, thanks to the air filling, turns every known exercise into a movement experience with guaranteed fun. The inserted connecting plate of the leg axis trainer provides the necessary stabilization, so that a good grip on the ground is guaranteed. The air-filled chambers allow very small moments of movement. Ideal for children's and small adults' feet.

Expert opinion from Dr. Christos Papadopoulos, rehabilitation and fitness trainer:
"The Aero-Step is an apparative supplement that enables us to work more creatively and efficiently in the area of coordination, strength and flexibility training. It replaces bulky utensils that were used in the past. The uniqueness of the material allows a versatile use, not only in indoor, but also (in football of greater importance) for outdoor training, whether barefoot, with running shoes or with a football shoe, everything is possible due to its robust nature.

The Aero-Step is an integral part of our training repertoire and it is impossible to imagine training without it. It is a special challenge for professional footballers in the exercises specific to this sport, because in combination with the ball, the Aero-Step gives a special kick to the usually boring coordination and stability training and the fun factor is enormously high (motivation).

Technical data:

    Dimensions: 46x32x8 cm
    Weight: approx. 2.100 g
    Load capacity: approx. 200 kg
    Material: Ruton

Tested and recommended by the Forum: Gesunder Rücken - besser leben e.V. and the Federal Association of German Back Schools (BdR)
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