Dynanza Surf
Dynanza Surf

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Dynanza Surf
Dynanza Surf
Dynanza Surf

Dynanza Surf

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The Dynanza® Surf Board - made in Germany - is the perfect balance trainer for all... more
Product information "Dynanza Surf"

The Dynanza® Surf Board - made in Germany - is the perfect balance trainer for all boardsports. Strength, coordination and endurance can be trained simultaneously. Fitting equally well for training during season or as preparation for your favourite sport. It´s inflatable cushions allow for exciting training excercises while the stable and wooden plate provides a safe stand. Movements and vibrations are transfered on the body and the device, giving the user a direct feedback. This helps to improve balance and strenghten the deep musculature which is stabilising the body. Even perception an coordination can be trained on the Dynanza Surf.


How did I use the board?

As an advanced development combining Dynair Pro and Balanza technology it offers a safe platform for partner exercises as well. Two seperately inflatable cushions are attached on the bottomside. Instructions and a pumpe come with the product. Perfect for fitness and sports training at home and at the studio.

Technical specifications:
Size: approx. 160 x 40 x 18 cm
Weight: approx. 12.200 g
max. Load: approx. 150 kg