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Bike Balance Board Easy

Bike Balance Board Easy

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FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT TRAINING with the Bike Balance Board easy Perhaps the most important... more
Product information "Bike Balance Board Easy"

FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT TRAINING with the Bike Balance Board easy

Perhaps the most important functional movement in our everyday life is keeping our balance.
Keeping our balance is a matter of course and routine for everyone as long as we move in our comfort zone. However, as soon as we leave our comfort zone and get into more difficult and unfamiliar situations, we find it harder to keep our balance and avoid falling.

In order to increase our personal comfort zone and to move safely in everyday life, we recommend training with the Bike Balance Board easy. Less training effort and quick success is guaranteed.
With the Bike Balance Board easy, the complex movement sequences and muscle chains required for keeping balance are trained in a very specific way. The better we can keep our balance, even under difficult, unaccustomed conditions, the more secure and comfortable we feel and the more we feel confident.

Increase your comfort zone with the Bike Balance Board easy!
Bike Balance Board easy - postural functional training in intensive form

- Hands and feet fixed -> movements exclusively with the body
- High specificity -> everyday movements are practiced
- Wide range of movement -> comprehensive involvement of muscles
- self-optimizing -> movements can only be executed correctly by the practitioner
- Low time expenditure of a few minutes -> good integration into exercise programs or training circles
- Large number of repetitions in short time -> fast learning success
- Difficulty levels can be easily increased in small steps -> individually adapted difficulty level
- Wide range of difficulty levels -> very simple exercises possible, but also high difficulty levels
- Kinesthetic training -> movements become noticeable
- fun for practicing -> high challenge character

How is the Balance Board Easy adjusted to my level?
You simply change the air pressure in the ball/ball cushion with a ball pump - beginners choose the lowest air pressure - professionals will increase the air pressure immediately.

How large is the training area for the Bike Balance Board?
Training with the Bike Balance Board takes place on an area of less than 2m x 2m.

- with Dynair Ballkissen
- board with bar and handlebar
- simplest version of the Bike Balance Boards
- smaller board surface

Technical details:
Bike Balance Board Easy:
Equipment: Board with handlebars on ball cushion
Weight: approx. 9.0 kg
Material: ruton, birch wood and aluminum
max. load capacity: approx. 150 kg

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