Pilates Half-Roll Premium 90cm

Pilates Half-Roll Premium 90cm

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Pilates Half-Roll Premium 90cm The Pilates half roll Premium by TOGU is ideal for... more
Product information "Pilates Half-Roll Premium 90cm"

Pilates Half-Roll Premium 90cm

The Pilates half roll Premium by TOGU is ideal for proprioceptive training, fitness exercises and home workouts. The fascia roll as a half-roll enables the use of the training device for all ages. It is safe and you can train lying, sitting and standing without restrictions.

 The half roll was developed for balance, muscle and posture training, for spinal stabilization, for promoting body awareness and coordination as well as for stretching and strengthening exercises. Detailed exercise instructions are included.

Ideal for exercises to stabilize the ankle, knee and hip joints. The half roll can also be used as a balance board or balance seesaw and can be used on both sides.

In the supine position you feel less pressure on the spinous processes compared to conventional rollers. The half roll is easy to grip with the hands and can therefore be used like a bar. This increases the exercise possibilities enormously. The exercises with fascia rollers can be adjusted in their degree of difficulty and adapted to your personal training requirements. This turns a simple exercise into a challenging training session. A whole-body workout with the half-roll can help to

 - strengthen your body center

 - Improve your body awareness

 - Increase your flexibility

 - Improve your sense of balance

 - achieve an overall relaxed body feeling

 - build up strong arm and leg muscles


By the way: The proprioceptive input via the sole of the foot as direct contact to the half roll improves your performance. Therefore: take off your shoes and train barefoot!


Have fun training with the new Pilates Half Roll Premium by TOGU.




Technical data:

dimensions: approx. 90 x 15 x 7,5cm
weight: approx. 340g
loadable up to max. 150 kg
Color: purple
material: EVA foam

Scope of delivery: including training chart

 Made in: Taiwan


* trading goods  Made in: Taiwan 

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