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Balanza Vario - made in Germany - is the new multifunctional training station from TOGU.... more
Product information "Balanza® Vario®"

Balanza Vario - made in Germany - is the new multifunctional training station from TOGU. Balanza Vario revolutionizes balancing and coordination training on dynamic surfaces and is more than just a simple balance board. It offers the unique ability to produce countless variations and degrees of difficulty from easy to difficult, from stable to unstable, with just one device.

The special kind of dynamics achieved by storage on air works by transmitting small movements to the body and causes corresponding compensatory movements and stabilization. 5 connecting adaptors under the balance plate allow the variable attachment of different elements. The elements are partly filled with air and can additionally be individually adjusted by changing the air filling to the requirements of the trainee. This allows recreational athletes and as well as high-performance athletes to benefit from Balanza Vario. It is possible to enter into the training program on every fitness level.

 The versatility of Balanza Vario increases the variety of training and adds fun and challenge to each workout. Balance, coordination, strength and agility are equally trained. Due to the dynamic board the user has to keep in balance continuously. This activates the deep-lying muscle groups, which are also responsible for a healthy back, mobility and stability of your body. The training goes deeper into the depths. Perception, stimulus processing and stability are trained and improved.

 Balanza Vario is the ideal multifunctional solution as a balance trainer for all fitness studios and training centers.

• Train effective balance, coordination, strength and agility
• 6 different types of interchangeable elements
• Difficulty level additionally adjustable by air
• Robust, durable and easy to clean
• Made in Germany

 Balanza Vario Board
 4 x Balanza balls L
 4 x Balanza balls M
 4 x Balanza balls S
 4 x Stabilizer pointed
 4 x Stabilizer flat
 1 x Jumper mini adaptor
 1 x Ball pump for needle valve

Optionally there is the possibility to use Balanza Vario in combination withother devices like the Theragym Pro Set and with the TOGU Wall.