Hopping Ball Super ABS

Hopping Ball Super ABS - red

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Original ABS® safety made in Germany - the airbag for your big ball. A bouncy ball - made in... more
Product information "Hopping Ball Super ABS"

Original ABS® safety made in Germany - the airbag for your big ball.

A bouncy ball - made in Germany - made of guaranteed space-saving material (up to 75 kg weight).
The ball is made of the material Crylon and can be loaded up to 500 kg in total.

What does the application do?
Playing and bouncing with the Kangaroo Ball ABS strengthens the muscles and especially the muscle corset of the spine. This stabilises the spine. The sequence of movements and coordination can also be improved. The ability to concentrate and absorb is strengthened through lots of movement.

How does it work?
Simply sit on it, grab the handles with your hands and start bouncing. The Kangaroo Ball ABS encourages fun bouncing movements and ensures lots of fun and enjoyment for young and old. It automatically trains muscles and balance.

"With the Kangaroo Ball ABS, there is no more lack of movement for my children. The bouncing ball inspires them right away. By running around, not only are the growing muscles and sense of balance trained, but excess energy is also released. This promotes concentration and prevents boredom. It is also a very good feeling to know that the Kangaroo Ball ABS is completely phthalate-free. Any risk from banned softeners is ruled out here. Due to the high resilience, adults can also bounce around with it. The ball can be used indoors and outdoors. It is good that even if the outer skin is damaged, e.g. by a piece of broken glass or a nail, the ball will not burst. After all, the health and safety of my children is most important to me."

Characteristic features of the original Anti-Burst material:
Due to the special anti-burst material, the shape of the ball can change during use. This has no influence on the effect during sitting or the movement sequence during exercises. The decisive factor is the dynamics and the safety system of the ball, not its circular nature. Approximately ten minutes after leaving the ABS® ball, the ball regains its round shape due to the restoring force of the material. Due to the packaging process, an ABS® ball still has some wrinkles after inflation. Due to the special safety material, these wrinkles can also be permanently visible on an inflated ABS® ball. This does not affect the functionality or safety in any way.

We recommend the Super bouncy ball for children aged 7 years and over up to a height of 165 cm.

Technical specifications:
Dimensions: 60 cm
Weight: 900 g
Load capacity: approx. 500 kg (burst safety guarantee up to 75 kg)