Spine Belt

Spine Belt - with Redondo Ball 22cm

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The new training device - with little effort, efficiently promote general health and strengthen... more
Product information "Spine Belt"

The new training device - with little effort, efficiently promote general health and strengthen back and joints
A training device for everyone and professional users

The Spine Belt and the associated training concept make it possible to promote general health with little (time) effort and to prevent back, shoulder, hip and knee problems in particular.

The advantages:
- One training device - One exercise concept - All joints
- Optimization of fascial and muscular movement stimuli (by creating a final starting position)
- Optimization of the movement amplitude
- Integration of luffing, springy sequences possible
- activation of the musculature in the length possible
- Movement variety without the ball rolling away!
- Soft, pleasant impulse by the Redondo® Ball from TOGU®.

Available in the variants:

Spine Belt
Content: Spine Belt

Spine Ball and Belt
Content 1 x Spine Belt; 1 x Redondo Ball 22 cm

Spine Ball Set of 3 and Belt
Content: 1 x Spine Belt, 1 x Redondo 18 cm, 1 x Redondo 22 cm, 1 x Redondo 26 cm

Spine Belt is ideal for 2 target groups:

1.for everyone at home or on the road:
the advantages:
Efficiently and without much time (10-15 min. per day) promote health
Workout with the Spine Belt is fun: holistic training of the back, torso and joints
Improve the posture
Spine Belt needs little space and can therefore be taken along ideally on journeys
Spine Belt is simple and intuitive to use
Optimal training of fascia and muscles at the same time

2. for professional users:
The advantages:
Optimal movement stimuli for fasciae and muscles in a short time
Further efficient programs for at home possible
Creating optimal starting positions for fascial techniques
the initial positioning for fascial techniques is optimized
Reduces the physical strain during the application
Better hand freedom during work

A main reason for many physical complaints is the increasing lack of exercise in the population and the resulting poor posture. In addition to a lack of musculature, the fasciae are increasingly coming to the fore. Adhesive fasciae lead to poor posture and make the muscles and organs no longer work properly. The sentence "Move or Glue" becomes more and more important for maintaining good health as you get older. "Move or you get stuck" - with all the negative consequences. Moving more is good. Moving more correctly is better and more efficient!
Markus Roßmann, international health and fascia expert has put his more than 20 years of international experience into the development of the Spine Belt.

To stay healthy, it is important to find the balance between flexibility and stability. The better you succeed in this, the better your posture will be - the more evenly the body is positively loaded every day - the better your general health will be!
Efficiency is the credo: Don't move in any way, but rather set the best movement stimuli for promoting general health in 10-15 minutes per day.

The trunk, which houses both the organs and the spine with its spinal canal, plays a central role in maintaining your general well-being.
If you have little time and want to efficiently promote your health and keep pain away from you as much as possible, you should first try to create a flexible yet stable trunk.
The Spine Belt and the corresponding exercise program by Markus Roßmann is ideal for this. Give it a try!

Markus Rossmann is
Dipl.-Sportl.Univ/Cerfified Rolfer®
Internationally active health and fascia expert
Founder of Concept-Rossmann
Book author