Senso Walking Trainer plus in a set of 2

Senso Walking Trainer plus in a set of 2 - 5 x 11 cm | rot

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The Senso Walking Trainer - made in Germany - from the sports ball series "Nub Ball Long": a... more
Product information "Senso Walking Trainer plus in a set of 2"

The Senso Walking Trainer - made in Germany - from the sports ball series "Nub Ball Long": a 2-piece training set made of ruton for the hand. The Senso Walking Trainers Plus are filled with a sand/metal mixture (approx. 250 g each). The Senso Walking Trainer Light are filled with air (each approx. 47g) The material Ruton is odorless, latex-free, very durable and made of 100% recyclable plastic.

What does the application do?
The Senso Walking Trainer Light contributes to the strengthening of the finger, hand and forearm muscles. In foot gymnastics, it can be used to mobilise the small toe joints after toe fractures or joints affected by arthrosis. In addition, the device can effectively help against cold hands during outdoor training and is also ideally suited as an aid in hand rehabilitation.

How does it work?
Pleasant Senso Knobbs stimulate perception and have a blood circulation-promoting effect. Due to their ergonomic shape, the walking trainers lie well in the hand and are super handy. Due to the elastic material it can also be pressed well and can therefore strengthen the hand muscles. For a foot massage you can also put the Senso walking trainer light on the floor and simply climb on it barefoot.

"The beauty of the Senso walking trainer is its compact size. I can simply put the hand trainer in my jacket pocket and always take it with me. While waiting at the bus stop in cold weather, I knead the hand trainers with my hands. It feels really good when the blood circulation starts and it strengthens my hand muscles. My parents also enjoy the equipment. In old age, motor skills in the hand area can be trained very well with them. So the joints, whether on the hand or on the foot, remain longer mobile. A purchase that costs little and brings a lot of pleasure "*If you have any complaints, ask your doctor or physiotherapist for advice before starting training.

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