The ideal sports product for spring

Spring is approaching and with it longer days and warmer temperatures. A good time
to move your sports program out into the fresh air. The Bavarian company TOGU®
offers support with its balance training device Moonhopper® Sport, which guarantees
adults and children a lot of fun while moving and an effective workout outdoors as well
as indoors.






Jumping exercises have a variety of benefits: They not only burn
a lot of calories, they also promote endurance, strength,
coordination and stability. With the Moonhopper Sport – a
bouncing top that can bear a load of up to 110 kilograms – jumps
can be incorporated into training in a playful way. Possible
exercises range from hopping to bouncing to balancing. The
springy movements have the advantage that they exchange the
tissue fluid in the fasciae, which counteracts fascial adhesions.
The balancing exercises are therefore useful, because the wobbling effect during balancing
stresses the otherwise difficult to train deep muscles, which are elementary for the stability
and coordination of the body.

The variety of Moonhopper® Sport – the original “100% Made in Germany”.
The Moonhopper Sport is not only versatile in its training effect, but also in its look. It is now
available in six color variants – purple, green, blue, pink, red and orange. The lighter children’s
model Moonhopper, which can be loaded up to approx. 45 kilograms, is also available in many
other color combinations. Thanks to the handy size of the sports product, the Moonhopper
Sport can also be easily stowed away and used flexibly both outdoors and indoors. Developed
in cooperation with the German national snowboard team, the Moonhopper Sport is perfect for
the whole family, for on the go, in sports and home fitness.  The Moonhopper Sport also leaves
nothing to be desired in terms of durability and social sustainability. TOGU relies on the best
quality and “100% Made in Germany” for all its products. Due to the location in Germany,
TOGU® as a manufacturer can react quickly to customer requests, guarantee the highest
product quality and ensure short transport routes. All materials used in the Moonhopper® Sport
are also recyclable, which additionally conserves natural resources.

Outdoor training with TOGU® products
Other TOGU products are also ideal for outdoor training when spring calls. For example, the
foldable, air-filled Redondo® Ball is particularly easy to transport. With its elastic skin, it is ideal
for gripping and catching exercises and is particularly suitable for Pilates, fitness and pelvic
floor training. Another fitness classic that fits easily into the gym bag are the TOGU Mini Dumbbells.
Their advantage in comparison to conventional small dumbbells: they are made ofa material that
won’t damage flooring of any kind if they fall. In addition, they are easy to clean, washable and fit
securely in the hands thanks to the nubbed grip surface.

Jump the original – More possibilities at
For the perfect jump into spring there are additional offers in the company’s own webshop e.g. in the TOGU Club – the free health club around the TOGU® products.

INFOBOX: Moonhopper® Sport                 

  • Moonhopper Sport made of Ruton ( odorless, latex free, 100 % recyclable)
  • Bouncing ball with a stable plate (bouncing “wobble board”)
  • Trains endurance, coordination, stability and balance (additionally effective training of joint
    stability as well as fascia training)Functions as a fitness device with fun factor
  • Usable indoor as well as outdoor
  • Indoor wie outdoor nutzbar
  • 100% Made in Germany
  • Weight: approx. 1.300g per piece, load capacity: approx. 110kg / 240lbs,
    dimensions approx. 40cmx30cm
  • RRP: 43,- €

The company TOGU®
TOGU GmbH is a premium manufacturer of innovative training equipment for coordination and
balance as well as sports equipment for kindergarten and school sports as well as toys and
promotional items. The third-generation family business TOGU was founded in 1956 and has
since grown into a world-renowned brand in the field of health, fitness and sports.

Author: TOC – Agency for communication