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Hours of sitting in the office or at school is often the cause of back pain and impaired efficiency. Those who are “dynamic”, however, counteract the complaints. The important thing is: never stay in one position for too long. With the air-filled Original Dynair® Ballkissen® and Keil Ballkissen®, TOGU not only enables active-dynamic sitting, but also effective coordination exercises that can be easily integrated into everyday life.

Whether at work, at school, at home at the desk or in the car – dynamic sitting is an effective way of relieving tension and resulting pain. The original Dynair® Ballkissen® as well as the Dynair wedge Ballkissen® keep the muscles and intervertebral discs moving, relieving strain on the back and stabilizing the spine. In addition, the sensorimotor training (interaction between the nervous and muscular systems) concentration and coordination and joint stability and movement are generally improved.

Training without expenditure of time
Due to the air filling, the special shape and the high-quality material, the Dynair® Ballkissen® allow dynamic sitting and exercising: Minimal movements are continuously and immediately transmitted to the body. As a result, the deeper back muscles and the sensorimotor system are trained involuntarily. In contrast to sitting on rigid pads, the lower pelvic floor, abdominal and back muscles, which are important for the stability of the body, are strengthened. The Dynair® Ballkissen® can be used anywhere – at home, in the office or at school – and allows training without additional time: Even short and simple, but effective balance exercises have a major effect on health.

More concentration with the Dynair® Keil Ballkissen®
The perfect combination of wedge cushions and an air-filled cushion gives a stable sitting feeling with balance effects. Can be used on both sides, the softly nubby side additionally allows a back massage. The wedge cushion tilts the hips slightly forward and allows the body to maintain an upright and healthy posture. This improves blood circulation and increases concentration and attention on a busy and long day of work or school.

TOGU diversity in the test
How varied the Dynair® wedge Ballkissen® can be used was demonstrated by a practical test. TOGU raffled off the pillows to ten families to try in their everyday lives. The testers were thoroughly enthusiastic: “I would recommend the pillows immediately. They have changed a lot here: we have a better posture and a completely different perception. Which is also very positive: since we use the pillows, the children do the homework sitting quietly. So in short: A great thing.” The next report highlights the supporting effect of the Dynair® wedge Ballkissen® in everyday learning:” I have had my tuition students (2nd-11th grade) have the wedge Ballkissen® tested. Especially the small children have become surprisingly ‘calmer’. They do not wriggle as much as usual. ”

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Ines Hahn