On 15 March 2021, under this year’s motto “No back pain? Discover Back School 2.0!”, the Back Health Day will take place once again. The initiative of the Bundesverband deutscher Rückenschulen e. V. (Federal Association of German Back Schools) and the Aktion Gesunder Rücken e. V. (Healthy Back Campaign). (AGR) once again points out how important a healthy and strengthened back is. Especially in the current pandemic of home offices, back pain is a negative side effect of a lack of exercise and ergonomic workplace solutions for many people. The original Dynair® Ballkissen® from TOGU, which has been awarded the AGR seal of approval, helps as a training device suitable for everyday use and a dynamic sitting surface.

Who is not familiar with tension and blockages in the back?
One reason for this is that people sit much more nowadays than they did a few decades ago. At school, in the office, in the home office, in the car or in front of the television: sitting determines the everyday life of young and old alike. This can quickly become a burden if the lack of exercise is not counteracted. Preventive measures are the first important step towards a healthy back. That is why the Bavarian company TOGU invented the first air-filled seat cushion as early as the mid-nineties. More than twenty years later, the original Dynair® Ballkissen® stands for perfect design, easy handling, extreme durability and effectiveness. It enables home fitness training without much extra effort: even short and simple but effective balance exercises with the balance cushion have a great effect on the health of the back. In addition, it keeps the spine moving even when sitting.



The Dynair® Ballkissen® – The Original

The AGR-awarded Dynair® Ballkissen® not only offers a welcome alternative to the hard office chair, but the air-filled cushion can also be used as a flexible base for back and fitness training while sitting, standing or lying down. It transmits minimal vibrations directly to the body. Thanks to the original Dynair® technology, dynamic sitting activates the autochthonous musculature and keeps the intervertebral discs in motion. At the same time, the sensorimotor system, which defines the interaction between the nervous and muscle systems, is trained. Different sizes and designs of the dynamic balance cushion enable individual training of the back muscles. The Dynair® Ballkissen® Senso® in the sizes 30, 33, 36 and 39 cm differs from the Dynair® Ballkissen® with regard to its additional Senso® nubs on one side, which provide a massage effect and optimal ventilation. The latter has a smooth surface on both sides and is available in sizes 30, 33 and 36 cm. The Dynair® products are made in Germany from 100% recyclable material. TOGU gives a 30-year manufacturer’s guarantee on the original Dynair® Ballkissen® for private end users.


Effective home fitness training with the Dynair® Ballkissen®.

The back, the second largest muscle group in the body, is involved in virtually every movement of the human body. Regular training for a strong back is therefore essential. It is especially important to strengthen the deep torso muscles, which are fundamental for a stable core. The deep muscles cannot be trained through strength and endurance sports alone. However, this is possible with the Dynair® Ballkissen® from TOGU, even in home fitness training. The use of the training device in balance and coordination exercises creates involuntary balancing movements that address the deeper lying back muscles. In this way, the back is ideally trained and unnecessary tension is prevented. In addition, sensorimotor training promotes the interaction of the nervous and muscular systems, which has further advantages: Improvement of joint stability, concentration and coordination as well as movement sequences in general.



Author: TOC, Kira Stürzer