The close partnership between the Bavarian Volleyball Association and the sports and therapy
equipment manufacturer TOGU will soon be ten years old.
Every year, the association looks forward to the delivery of the popular training equipment and
the BVV junior competitive sports can look forward to new training variants.
The products are used by the Bavarian squad players as well as by the young athletes of the
DVV base VCO Munich.
The smart TOGU equipment is used for warm-up, coordination and strength training.

The Redondo Ball 22 cm is a playful way to work on the athletes’ body strength.
The ball is wonderfully suitable as a shaky interface for partner exercises.
The shaky material requires balance, strength and coordination when performing the exercises.










To activate and strengthen the torso and shoulders, our players use Theragym bands.
Rotation and anti-rotation exercises both strengthen the centre of the body and warm up the
shoulder for the hitting movement.






In the meantime, the national and base coaches have a well-developed potpourri of movement
sequences for integrating the TOGU products into their daily training routine.
The equipment is essential for basic exercises and can also be used to increase the difficulty
of volleyball techniques.

Author: Bayerischer Volleyball-Verband