Instability and stability – actually a contradiction in terms!
But if the “instability” is used correctly, the stability of the body benefits enormously. By using the instability – here the TOGU Jumper Pro®- in combination with other training devices like FlexVit Miniband®, Theragymband® and Slingtrainer the muscles are forced to compensate the movements of the TOGU Jumper. Depending on the exercise and the choice of training equipment, the instability strengthens the deep lying small muscles of the back, especially the multifidi muscle. The muscles around the knee and ankle joint are strained and therefore both joints are stabilized. The push-up exercise strengthens the entire shoulder girdle, and in combination with the mountaineering exercise, the abdominal muscles are also strained. It is important during the exercises to keep the jumper as horizontal as possible and to “tilt” it as little as possible.


The exercises in detail:

Squat on the Jumper Pro® in combination with the FlexVit Miniband®, by using the drinking bottle a straight back is guaranteed



One leg stand on the jumper, knee slightly bent. Around the other leg, just above the ankle, the pretensioned Theragymband®. Move the leg with the Theragymband® back and forth



Plank with the tips of your feet on the jumper, as a variation lift one leg



Push-up position on the jumper, feet hooked into the sling trainer. Practice combination of push-up and two-legged mountaineer



Author: Markus Kiock