The long-standing cooperation partners Star Education from Zurich and TOGU, Prien am Chiemsee, present: the TRAINCHAIN.
The jointly developed multifunctional training device is unbeatably versatile.
Thanks to the ingenious combination of three specially shaped rings with weight filling creates a clever “all-in-one” tool.
The texture of the rings offers a perfect grip and carrying comfort. The TRAINCHAIN is designed for indoor and outdoor use and can be used as a chain of three or two, as well as a single weight ring. The connections can be easily and quickly changed to different combinations.







The TRAINCHAIN is a multifunctional training tool that can perform a large number of well-known exercises such as barbell, dumbbell, weight plate, kettlebell and medicine ball.
And all this with just one tool.











With the TRAINCHAIN, weighing up to 9 kg in total, you train more effectively.
The tool covers a wide range of target groups and areas of use.
Whether for training at home, group classes, one-to-one personal training or small groups, for intensive training or joint-gentle gymnastics.
The TRAINCHAIN is a sensible and effective training tool.
Many well-known exercises with your own body weight become much more effective with the TRAINCHAIN.








The idea and design concept of the TRAINCHAIN comes from the Suisse specialist Star – school for training and recreation.
The innovative device is manufactured by the specialist TOGU in Prien on Lake Chiemsee in Germany.
TOGU has been producing at its own site since 1956 and guarantees top quality with a 30-year manufacturer’s warranty on the rings.

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Have fun with your workout!