Quality, regionality and reliability – these are the values to which the family business TOGU® is committed. The success of the German market leader for innovative coordination and balance training equipment is based firmly on the regional roots of the company, located near the scenic Bavarian Lake Chiemsee, as well as on the awareness that only the best quality and continuous development of the products guarantee long-term success.




100% Made in Germany: TOGU® as the manufacturer

TOGU® GmbH has been a premium manufacturer of innovative training equipment for balance and coordination, sports equipment for kindergartens and school sports as well as play and promotional balls since 1956. As a family business, TOGU® is not only committed to its own tradition of delivering the highest quality, but above all to the people in its region: because TOGU® relies on “Made in Germany”. This enables the company to offer its employees a safe workplace with fair wages in Prien am Chiemsee – in an industry that otherwise still largely relies on cheap production costs in low-wage countries. Local production has decisive advantages: Due to the production location in Germany, TOGU® can react quickly to customer wishes, guarantee high product quality and maintain environmental standards, also because long transport routes from other continents to Europe are eliminated. And not only the company’s own products, but also a large part of the machines on the 16,000 m2 factory premises come from the region.



Products for life

In terms of product quality and durability, the family-owned company promises the highest standards and gives a 30-year manufacturer’s guarantee on many items. This is a plus for the environment, because long-lasting products reduce the need for raw materials. All materials used in the products are also recyclable, which additionally preserves natural resources. TOGU® continues to guarantee the best possible functionality of the products through close cooperation with renowned trainers, therapists, doctors and scientists during product development. The company not only develops products for healthy sitting, fitness and training, but also, together with its partners, practice-oriented training programmes for their best possible application. The goal is to improve people’s health and well-being.


Powerball® ABS® – The classic

A classic and perfect example of the quality and originality of TOGU® products is the Powerball® ABS®, an air-filled ball made of special anti-burst material. This particular material was developed by TOGU to guarantee the greatest possible safety when using the ball. Its sudden bursting and associated injuries and falls are prevented by the safety material. As a sitting ball, the Powerball® ABS® helps you to sit upright and move your back muscles easily to avoid tension.
As a space-saving training tool, it is also suitable for a variety of exercises, whether for back or whole-body training.





Dynair® Ballkissen® – The Original

If you prefer to save space, you can count on the Original Dynair® Ballkissen®. As the inventor of the air-filled balance cushion, TOGU® scores with over twenty years of experience in its field, so that the Original Dynair® Ballkissen® is still considered the market-leading quality product for balance cushions. The seat cushion and training device in one enables targeted training of the back and torso muscles through exercises in a sitting, standing and lying position.
In everyday life, active-dynamic sitting on the Original Dynair® Ballkissen® is ideal for effectively relieving the spine with little effort and at the same time strengthening the muscles. This is how you avoid back pain before it develops.




Author: Kira Stürzer, TOC Agency for Communication