A healthy lifestyle includes sufficient exercise in everyday life. Physical activity gives years of life, also can help against depression and even can prevent dementia. However, the majority of society is inactive and sits around day in, day out.  So it takes discipline to regularly go in for sports. Those who would rather not join a sports club or gym can train at home at a reasonable price. The handy and space-saving training devices from TOGU® help to make a more effective and versatile workout. 

Fitness training brings a better body feeling, keeps you healthy and makes you happy. It is enough to train for 20 minutes several times a week to keep fit. The most simple solution to do something good for the body and the psyche in the long term is home training. Equipped with a training mat, cool music and suitable training equipment, a regular workout in the living room at home can easily be integrated into everyday life. The air-filled sports equipment of the premium manufacturer TOGU® is perfectly suitable for this. Years of experience in production and the cooperation with experts such as fitness trainers, doctors and sports scientists make the TOGU® products to durable, effective training aids in top quality. They offer versatile exercise possibilities, are handy, space-saving and accordingly easy to store. In addition, TOGU® offers training charts and video instructions for each product, which can be downloaded free of charge from the company’s website.

Jacaranda® Ball – the modern back training

Due to stress, the long hours of sitting in the office and too little movement in general, many people around the world suffer from back pain. Through simple exercises with the Jacaranda® ball, the deep-lying autochthonous back muscles are trained, the spine is stabilised and back problems are counteracted. The minimal movement of the Jacaranda® ball generates vibrations that are transmitted to the body and have an effect on the spine. As a result, the stabilising back muscles tense up and pump up, thus becoming stronger. Through further (holding, moving and controlling) exercises, the mobility of the thoracic spine, the diaphragm and the pelvic floor can also be trained. The Jacaranda® Ball offers an invigorating and at the same time relaxing workout, ideal for switching off after a stressful day.

Balanza® Ballstep® – the ideal start with sensorimotor training

Stop if the bus brakes suddenly. Carry a full cup of tea to the table with firm steps and don’t lose your footing if you stumble. Such actions are easy for people with good coordination. But for most, such moments are a challenge, especially since coordination skills begin to decline from the age of 30. It is therefore beneficial to improve coordination through regular sensomotoric training. With the right exercises, sensorimotor skills – the interplay between muscles and the nervous system – can be specifically trained to improve the sense of balance, reflexes and coordinative performance in general. The Balanza® Ballstep® provides the right unstable foundation for a good start and a steady increase in performance in sensorimotor training. The practically shaped wooden board on four robust, air-filled balls additionally unbalances the body during step training, causing compensatory movements. These build up the deep muscles and improve the sensorimotor function. If you want to save even more space, you can also use the Balanza® Ballstep® mini.

Theragym® Band Latexfree – small, fine and stable

The TOGU® Theragym® Band Latexfree convinces especially by its versatility. The 120 cm long fitness band made of latexfree synthetic rubber allows to create resistance on vertical as well as horizontal level. Thereby each main muscle group can be trained functionally, for more power of movement in the whole body. Different strength levels of the Theragym® Band Latexfree require more or less effort, so that every fitness level is taken into account. In addition, the band can be easily integrated into the workout with other equipment to increase the effectiveness of certain exercises. Easy to store, cost effective and made of high-quality, durable materials, the Theragym® Band Latexfree is a real all-rounder for home training.

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