Small, strikingly green and equipped with muscle-stimulating Senso® nubs, they are reminiscent of cacti. But unlike the prickly plants, the Brasil® are designed for people who like to hold them in their hands. Because of their positive effect on the deep muscles of the chest, abdomen and back, their many uses and their easy handling, the Brasil® are an extremely helpful piece of sports equipment that promises to put you in a good mood for exercise.

Fitness training is not only healthy for body and soul, but can also be a lot of fun. Especially if you have a piece of exercise equipment at hand that literally carries the good mood in its name. Because whoever reads Brasil® immediately thinks of motivating music, carnival and the joy of movement! Manufactured in Germany by the premium manufacturer for air-filled sports equipment TOGU®, the innovative training companions with the “intelligent filling” delight many training people, from beginners to competitive athletes. They were developed in cooperation with the state-certified gymnastics teacher Gabi Fastner, who not only put her extensive knowledge into the product, but also developed the suitable training concept “Brasil® Workout”.

The Brasil® principle – small sports equipment with a big effect

The Brasil® are cleverly designed and are characterised by the fact that they primarily train the deep-seated trunk muscles. Since these deep muscles stabilize and correctly position the individual spinal segments, it is essential for a healthy posture to strengthen them through regular exercises. In principle, the deep muscles, unlike the surface muscles, cannot be tensed arbitrarily. It reacts exclusively reflexively and is therefore difficult to train.

But not with the Brasil®: Due to their optimally coordinated filling of air and weight, they resonate specifically during movement. This movement feedback automatically creates a reflexive tension of the deep-seated chest, abdominal and back muscles. Shaking the Brasil® in the smallest possible movement amplitudes (so-called “mini moves”) is the most effective form of training. Accordingly, the Brasil® helps to achieve a strong body center and a healthy back, for which it has already been awarded the AGR seal of approval by the Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V. (campaign for healthy backs) as a “particularly back-friendly product”. Due to their low weight of 200g each and their ergonomic shape, the Brasil® are also very easy on the joints, so that senior citizens and children can also use them without any problems.

The diverse world of Brasil®

The early summer is currently attracting with bright sunshine and rising temperatures make you want to move in the open air. Anyone who enjoys running, whether jogging or Nordic Walking, has found the perfect companion in Brasil® as a joint-gentle additional weight. The nubbed surface of the Brasil® additionally stimulates the receptors of the hands. Due to their pleasant Senso® nubs, the Brasil® can also be used as a general massage tool for body and hands.

However, the main area of application for the small sports equipment is figure and health training. Here they can be used for exercises in standing, kneeling, sitting and lying down. No matter whether in a group or alone, in the fresh air or at home, the Brasil® can be used everywhere and fit into even the smallest sports bag when transported. Only ten minutes of Brasil® Workout a day are enough to strengthen the deep muscles, tighten the body tissue and feel demonstrably fitter. Gabi Fastner offers a wide range of inspiration and instructions for using the Brasil® on her YouTube channel, through training charts and the Brasil® training book.