At home and during free time…

Sitting and exercising at the same time

At home and for free time, the best chair is the sitting ball.
The advantage is that the movement and especially the rolling away (be careful when getting up and sitting down again) of the ball requires a constant reaction of the body,
to keep the balance and the upright sitting position. This avoids overloading individual structures.
At the same time, sitting on an exercise ball is an effective way to strengthen the back muscles in everyday life.
Please keep in mind that the ball rolls away when you stand up. When sitting down, always make sure that you use your hands to hold the ball in place briefly.

The upright sitting posture on the sitting ball











Active relaxation and “massage” for the torso muscles in a sitting position











Starting position: Sit upright. Stabilize the feet hip-width apart.
The spine is tense.
Exercise description: Gently bounce on the gym ball.
Keep tightening the chin slightly towards the larynx.
Raise and lower the heels with the high-low movement.










Variation: Vary the arms according to your mood.


Unloading and sitting down with long back










Starting position: Upright seat. The feet are open in a stable hip-width position.
The arms are held straight.
Exercise description: Stand up from the legs and relieve the ball.
The buttocks keep contact with the ball. Then slowly lower yourself back down without letting yourself flop.
Keep the back straight. Gently pull the chin towards the larynx.

Author: Petra Schreiber-Benoit



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