Do you also know that you do squats with your course, but the participants bend their knees inwards, their backs are round, so everything is not good for your health? The exercise instruction “Keep your back straight, keep your knee above your ankle” simply cannot be implemented by the participant?

Here is a solution how I approach the problem, you need a water bottle and a TOGU Flexvit Mini Band. The Mini Band should be placed around the thighs just above the knees. Hold the bottle between both palms. The exercise instruction from me is then always
“Use your thighs to build up pressure against the resistance of the Mini Band. Hold the water bottle tightly in front of the upper body so that the bottle touches the body along its entire length. Now get down on your knees and shift your weight backwards on your heels, like when you sit on a chair.”
What happens now? By pressing your thighs against the resistance of the mini-band, your knees do not bend inwards and remain approximately above the ankle. Because the drinking bottle rests against the upper body in its entire length, the back remains largely straight. With these small aids you can help your participant to avoid the most serious mistakes in the squat. If you have more advanced participants who want to put more weight on your body, you can replace the water bottle with a dumbbell.

Author: Markus Kiock