Summer has finally arrived and lures with warm temperatures and sunshine. For many sports enthusiasts this means: Out of the living room and into nature. But what is the best way to do your workout outdoors to train endurance, strength, flexibility and coordination? The answer is sensomotoric outdoor circuit training! With the outdoor-suitable, handy training equipment from TOGU the effective and varied design of such a training circle is guaranteed!

Outdoor circuit training is a welcome alternative to the classic indoor training in summer. Circuit training involves doing various training stations almost without a break, which means that the pulse rate remains slightly increased. A variety of design possibilities offer leeway for every performance level. In order to make the training effective and at the same time motivating, it is worthwhile to use good sports equipment which characterizes each station. Perfectly suitable are the innovative – sensorimotoric responsive – training devices of the premium manufacturer TOGU®. They are multifunctional, suitable for outdoor use and handy. They support the training with your own body weight, intensify exercises many times over and additionally stress the deep muscles which are otherwise difficult to train. In the following some TOGU® products for the optimal outdoor training circle are presented.


Station no. 1: Jumper® mini – multifunctional training device with fun guaranteed

The Jumper® mini, as a small version of the popular Jumper®, is easy to carry outside due to its compressed size. The air-filled trampoline ball with a non-slip surface and stable base plate can be used to train practically all muscle groups (even the deeper ones). In addition, the slightly unstable surface of the ball automatically improves coordination and sensorimotor functions. Possible exercises that can be ideally performed with the Jumper® mini include jumping, balancing, knee bends, knee lifts, sit-ups, leg lifts, planks and push-ups.




Station no. 2: Moonhopper® Sport – bouncing wobble board

With the Moonhopper® Sport, general fitness can be improved in a playful way. The jumping top, which can take loads of up to 110 kg, trains coordination and balance and provides intensive training for jumping power and endurance. Possible exercises range from jumping and balancing while standing to plank exercises with the Moonhopper® Sport as a dynamic support.




Station no. 3: Brasil® – the intelligent deep muscle trainers to Go

With the Brasil® you can give your legs a break for the time being and concentrate on the torso and arm muscles to train a strong core. Thanks to their optimally coordinated filling of air and weight, they resonate in a targeted manner during movement and thus create a reflective tension of the deep-seated chest, abdominal and back muscles. Shaking the Brasil® in the smallest possible movement amplitudes (so-called “mini moves”) is the most effective form of training. Furthermore, the Brasil® is also the ideal training companion with additional depth effect as joint-gentle, light additional weight for longer endurance units like jogging or Nordic Walking.



Station no. 4: Redondo® Ball – the number one Pilates ball

A successful outdoor circuit training should not be without a classic: The perfect Pilates ball. The inflatable Redondo® ball is very popular due to its soft and grippy surface as well as its high quality and resilience. It is ideal for abdominal, pelvic floor, back and neck training. The sporty all-rounder can be used for holding and swinging exercises or as dynamic support.




Station no. 5: TOGU® JumpYone – the gymnastic mat with more function

If you do not want to miss comfort during outdoor floor exercises, the TOGU® JumpYone is the right choice. The anti-slip gymnastic mat is rolled up and very easy to transport. Besides classical exercises from functional training, yoga and pilates the TOGU® JumpYone can also be used for playful jumping and running exercises thanks to its markings. After the final round of the circle it is also the ideal partner for final stretch exercises.