The classic for self and external massage in a new form – made in Germany.

Ideal for reflex zone massage. More blood circulation and relaxation. The massage ball is perfect for self-massage at home or in the studio. Pleasant knobs. With needle valve for individual pressure regulation.

Technical data:
Dimensions: 8 x 4 cm
Weight: approx. 45 g
Load capacity: 200 kg

Functional foot muscle training with the Semi Knobbed Ball

Our feet literally carry us through life up to four times around the globe.
A masterpiece of 26 bones, 36 joints and over 100 muscles. There are more sensory cells under the sole of a human foot than in his face: carrying, moving, shock absorbing, perceiving, maintaining balance… with the use of the Semi Knobbed Ball from TOGU I have created an exercise programme that makes our feet more flexible and at the same time stronger, stabilises the knee joints and improves posture overall.

Have fun trying it out!

Your Luisa

Extend your big toe

on the one hand it is the strongest toe, on the other hand also the anchor point of the transverse and longitudinal arch. This makes it all the more important to move them functionally.

Therefore we take a step position and place a semi pimple ball under the big toe balls. The foot is thus in an “inclined plane”. We lower the forefoot slowly onto the semi knobbed ball, as if we wanted to pedal down sensitively.

We repeat this movement as often as we want until we get the feeling to load the big toe ball in a targeted way and to stretch the toe actively and straight forward.

We put three semi knobbed balls under one foot, starting under the ball of the big toe, then under the middle of the heel and finally under the ball of the small toe. We lift the other foot off the ground and leave the toes of the standing foot relaxed.

The aim of this exercise is to find a balance of forces between the three load points. Thus the arch structures of the foot are built up and strengthened and the leg axis is aligned from the base.

one-legged balance knee bend on three semi knobbed balls
Increase of the coordinative requirement by arm, eye and head movement

Everyday tip:
Whenever possible, take a “stable stand”. You stand narrow hip joints and evenly loaded on both legs. Your big toe balls suck on the floor like the suction cups of a bathtub mat. Your heels straighten up, your knee joints are relaxed and your spine is supported by your legs and pelvis. Consciously perceive how the feeling of being “straightened up” affects your mental mood:

“Being firmly rooted in life with your feet” or “standing in life with both feet” literally means that we feel safe and strong, that we are aware of ourselves and know what we want to achieve…

Even more training ideas about “fit feet” and the Semi Noppenball will follow soon!

Author and pictures:
Luisa Merkel
Your first step begins in your head