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The Bodybone is versatile and fits in every handbag/travel bag because of its handy size.

Due to the ball-shaped form, the muscle strands can be massaged and rolled along the WS. Due to the special filling, the Bone adapts to the body and yields a little bit depending on the intensity.

The trigger point attachment also allows a punctual treatment.

My experience as a physiotherapist has shown me that 2 treatment sessions per week are not enough, so my patients receive exercises and tips for self-treatment at home.


Treat your tennis elbow/ mouse arm with the Bodybone

The tennis elbow or tennis elbow/ mouse elbow

(Diagnosis: Epickondylitis radialis humeri) is a painful irritant condition in the area of the elbow joint.

Affected are the tendon attachments of the extensor muscles of the forearm, which have their origin above the elbow joint on the outside of the humerus.

Overuse, incorrect loading or rapid rotational/alternating movement during physical activity can cause the tendons to become irritated, tear and become inflamed.

This leads to severe elbow pain.

An exact differential diagnosis is important, as there is the possibility that the pain in the elbow is only a symptom, but the cause of the pain lies somewhere else


Patients with suspected tennis elbow often complain about:

– Severe pain in the outer elbow, which can radiate into the hand, fingers, forearm and upper arm.

– Often stabbing pain in the forearm

– Pain in the elbow when closing the fist

– Pain in the forearm during movements of the wrist, hand and fingers in the direction of the back of the hand.

– Restrictions in movement due to the pain.

– Loss of strength and reduction of grasping ability in fingers and hands.

– Pressure pain when touching the bony protrusion of the elbow

– Pain in the elbow at rest


Possible causes:

– Overuse of the extensor muscles of the forearm due to extreme unilateral or repetitive movements such as incorrect arm posture when writing, extensive spring cleaning,
professions such as plumber or mechanic, gardening, wood chipping, renovation work….

– Tensions in the shoulder/neck musculature

– Dysfunction in the cervical spine, shoulder joint, thoracic spine, wrist, etc…


Conservative therapy (treatment):

– analyze and avoid burdening factors/movements

– Technique training for tennis, as well as adjusting the racket weight and grip strength

– Ergonomics at the workplace e.g. ergonomic mouse pad with wrist rest or vertical mouse

– Cold or heat therapy depending on whether the symptoms are acute (cold) or chronic (heat)

– Stimulation current, ultrasound and shock waves

– Epicondylitis brace to relieve the muscle at the elbow

– Drugs with anti-inflammatory and analgesic active substances also local anaesthetics, which are injected directly into the affected area and are applied locally have their effect.


WARNING: this will only alleviate the symptom, but not eliminate the root cause of the problem

– Careful and gentle muscle stretching

– Acupuncture

– Manual therapy, trigger point treatment, training


Self treatment with the Bodybone

Massage with the Bodybone is a very effective treatment option.

It relieves muscle tension, can eliminate trigger points and at the same time take the tension off the tendons.


1.) Relax muscles/ alleviate pain

on a large area:

Place the Bodybone on the outside of the forearm and press the bone against the wall with your arm.

Roll the painful points slowly and in a controlled manner by kneeling down slightly, maximum 15 times

2.) Relax muscles/ alleviate pain

Use the trigger point attachment. The trigger point must be hit exactly. Concentrate on the spot in the muscle that hurts the most and apply pressure for about 20 seconds,

CAUTION: The pain should not be increased by the trigger point massage. The pain should still be bearable.

For me personally, the Bodybone is the perfect complement for training and therapy, because the patient can treat himself/herself and independently of a therapist. With the goal of lastingly relieving and avoiding pain.


Further measures to avoid tennis elbow

– Always use appropriate tools for physical work (e.g. ergonomic pruning shears etc.)

– Interrupt work at the computer by frequent breaks, ensure an upright sitting posture and avoid bending your hands, and ergonomic mouse pad
Use with wrist rest or vertical mouse

– For acute pain: Cool the arm and take care of it.

Steffi Stiefvater