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Sailing Academy Gran Canaria was founded in 2015 by Tamás Eszes, two-time olympian. The Academy works predominantly with talented young Laser sailors from different nations with the aim of pursuing their sailing goals and reaching their sporting potential. The Academy’s physical trainings are lead by Mátyás Tóth:

During the wintertime we do our preparation for the regatta season. This means 5-6 months hard training on and off the water. We have 2 gym sessions and 1 sailing session per day for 5-6 days a week. The sailors are under huge physical and mental pressure, so from the beginning we put a lot of effort to create enjoyable and fun trainings also besides the heavy work. Every morning we start with coordination and balance training which is a great method to warm them  up and keep trainings playful. For the balance trainings we use a lot of simple and unstable equipment. We really like to train with Togu equipment, because they are very good quality and we can rely on them.

On the other hand we train a lot of youth sailors and sadly we meet more and more injuries. Most of the injuries are coming from the lifestyle of the new generation. Sitting all day, computers, smart phones and lack of sport. Trainings with Togu equipment are great opportunities to make their deep muscles, core, spine and joints stronger. The Laser boat is one of the most demanding class physically, so prevention is very important for us.

During the regatta season we travel a lot. Togu equipment are very easy to travel with and we can train properly anywhere all over the world.

We also work with senior athletes who are campaigning for the Olympic games. Our Greek sailor, Vasilea Karachaliou qualified for Tokyo 2020 last year. Togu products are great help for her as well to reach her goals.

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Matyas Toth
Sailing Academy Gran Canaria