Are you looking for a piece of exercise equipment that brings variety to your workout? Then the gymnastics ball is exactly the right choice. It takes your workout to a new level. Well-known exercises become a perfect stabilisation training with the gym ball. And if you don’t use the ball for training, you can also use it as a seat.

In this article, you will learn how to use the ball correctly, what advantages it offers and what to look out for when buying it. In the end, you can expect a great full-body workout for your next training session at home.

The master of balance
The gymnastic ball demands our whole body – healthy and straight posture included. Because of its instability, we train our balance and thus our deep muscles with every exercise. Like a corset, the deep muscles stabilise our body, give it strength and support the spine and joints. In addition, coordination and reaction skills are trained. So get to the ball!

What you should pay attention to during training
You can train anywhere where you have a flat, clean surface. If necessary, put a mat underneath. For dynamic exercises, allow for some space! At the beginning you should choose easy exercises so that you can get used to the instability of the ball Keep both feet in contact with the ground at first Over time, the balance requirements can be further increased, for example by working on one leg or by increasing the dynamics of the exercises

Attention! People with severe balance problems should first find suitable exercises with a professional trainer. In addition, the following always applies: if you have previous illnesses or health problems, you should always discuss the exercises with your doctor or physiotherapist.

The right equipment
Before you can start your workout, you need the right equipment. Pay attention to the size of the ball, it must be adapted to your height (see the picture below for help). You must also check the maximum load capacity of the ball Togu offers a great range of different gymnastic balls.

Full-body home workout
Now there are no more excuses! Grab a gym ball and try the following five exercises. You do 10 to 15 repetitions of each exercise and do a total of 2 to 3 runs, depending on your fitness level. The next day you will feel what you have achieved!

  • Crunches

    Muscles trained: straight abdominal muscles

    How to do it: Sit on the gym ball and roll forward with your bottom until your back is resting on the ball. Your feet are stable and shoulder-wide on the floor. Hands to your temples. Face the ceiling and raise your head and shoulders in a controlled manner. Keep the tension in the abdomen and pelvic floor short and then lower the upper body again.

tip: Breathe out when straightening up and in when lowering. Do not get a swing over the springy ball.



  • Bring shoulder bridge with legs

Muscles trained: back of thighs, lower back, buttocks

This is how it is done: You lie on your back, arms to the side of your body and your heels on the gym ball. Then lift your hips off the floor so that your body forms a line from knee to shoulders. Keep body tension. Now pull your heels towards your buttocks. Pay attention to a constant stretching from knee to shoulders. Let the heels slowly slide back again.

Attention: Tense your abdominal muscles so that you do not form a hollow back.


  • Plank or push-up

Muscles trained: arms, trunk, chest and buttocks

Here’s how it’s done: lie with your stomach on the gym ball and roll forward so that only your feet and a piece of your shins touch the ball. Your body forms a line. Keep body tension, the shoulders are vertical above the arms. Either hold this position for 30 seconds, or if you want more, bend your arms and lower your upper body slowly until your nose almost touches the floor Then push yourself up again.

Attention: Your body forms a line at all times. Tighten your stomach and bottom firmly. The gaze is directed downwards!



  • Fuselage lifting

Muscles trained: Back extensor

This is how it is done: lie on the ball with your stomach, look down and lower your upper body. Use your toes to stabilise your position Hands to your temples. Now, straighten up gently until your upper body is straight and your back is stretched Feel the tension in your back muscles for a moment and then slowly lower your upper body again.

Attention: Your body forms a line in the final position, prevent hyperextension.



  • Jackknife

Muscles trained: abdomen and thigh

This is how it is done: Lie stretched out on your back and clamp the gym ball between your lower legs. Now lift your legs straight up and grab the ball with your hands. Lower your legs while simultaneously bringing the ball to the floor behind your head with your arms stretched out Now raise your arms and legs to put the ball back between your lower legs Bring your legs back to the floor with the gymnastics ball, do not put them down Hold it briefly and move it back up again.


Author: Joyce Bittner, Enjoyce