You are a Pilates fan and are looking for something new? Then all you really need is a ball! For example the versatile Redondo Ball®! In this blog I will show you which ball exercises are perfect for your Pilates training. The training is perfect for your total body workout and I can also warmly recommend the Redondo Ball® for back pain.

The Redondo Ball® can be used in many ways

The Redondo Ball® is a particularly soft, but nevertheless very robust and hard-wearing gymnastics ball. Therefore it can be integrated into your fitness program in many ways and is suitable for numerous exercises. Especially during Pilates you can use the Redondo Ball® very well. The Redondo Ball® is also ideal for relaxation, for back and neck exercises and for pelvic floor training – a small “multi-talent” which brings variety into your workout!

Pilates meets Redondo Ball®: The best exercises for you

Pilates trains your deep-seated muscle layers and is easy on ligaments and joints. A whole body workout that will help you shape a beautiful figure and maintain an upright posture. The Redondo-Ball® makes your training even more effective and leads you to your goal even faster. You strengthen and invigorate your whole body in a complete body workout – effective and varied.
In my video I show you in 15 minutes the best Pilates exercises with ball – onto the balls, ready, go 😊


Pilates with ball has many advantages

A workout with a ball not only adds variety to your Pilates training, but has many other advantages. For example, its resistance ensures that certain exercises can be performed even more effectively. It offers you the opportunity to intensify many different exercises. This ensures that your muscles are strengthened even more effectively.
The Redondo Ball® is also used as an aid during pelvic floor training. Especially after pregnancy and birth, the soft but robust ball can specifically support the recovery training.

Relaxation and balance

In addition, there are many exercises with ball, which especially promote your balance. Thus, training with the Redondo Ball® can help you to improve your body perception and train your balance. This way you promote an upright walk and improve your posture. A good balance also prevents injuries during sports.
But the Redondo Ball® is not only perfect for your fitness workout. The ball is also a great way to incorporate many relaxation exercises into your workout. It can also be used for neck massage and supports a variety of exercises against shoulder and neck pain.
So the Redondo Ball is suitable for many different areas, from Pilates to fitness and deep relaxation – and besides, training with the ball is fun 😊.

Why not try it out right now!

Love doing sports 💚… Your`s Tina

Tina Schneider, graduate sports scientist